Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tiny Tuesday....

Third week and I am behind! Oh well, it has been a wee bit busy and I did not prep anything in advance. I selected the Ruffle Heart to do today. I traced the pattern onto the back of my appliqué block. I then stitched those lines so I have it shown on the front.

The next step is to trim down to 1/4 inch around those lines so I can lift a few of those stitches and turn that under to appliqué it down.

 I decided this might be easier than standard turning as it is a wee bit of a wonky line. Hopefully this will get finished at some point later today but I did want to have a post.

Sunset Friday night from the cruise ship off the Florida coast.
Time to get the kids to do their homework and review their spelling words. Then I need to think about dinner. I seem to have collected a few (4!) unwanted pounds over the last week with the food at the conference and on the cruise. To combat that it is lots of walking (all the way to 103rd street Mom!) and smaller portion sizes and hopefully they will fall away as quick as they went on? A girl can dream =).


  1. Great sunset! I hope you enjoy backbasting! It really helps keep everything in it's place! Cute block can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Nothing like a sunset (or sunrise) on the ocean! Good luck with those 4 lbs. I've still got 4 lbs. to get off from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  3. Beautiful sunset - thanks for sharing. Get walking! Don't let those unwanted pounds get you down! I'm sure you'll drop them soon, ~Jeanne

  4. Such a pretty sunset. Some weeks are more productive than others - that's the way things go. It usually takes me two or more years to finish a quilt!