Monday, January 26, 2015

Design wall Monday and a package in the mail.....

First off - I rewarded myself with a couple of hours of sewing after my walk this morning. I lost the 4 pounds last week that I had gained the previous week at the conference and cruise =). I now have all the blocks made for the center of my Goodnight Irene Quilt.

As for the package in the mail..... I got this on Saturday and the kids were so excited to see what it was. My MIL's friend in Ohio had found some quilting books from her Mom and asked if I wanted them a while ago. I said - sure!. These are from the 1970's before rotary cutters. The templates are on the pages and there are some really neat patterns with curves included in the various books.

Some of the detail for the quilting - which they have a few pages of the different patterns and tell you to trace them onto paper and then sew without thread on the line. Then use chalk to mark your quilts. 

They give you 1/4 of the block as an example and then the templates are marked in the picture.

A house on a hill - so cute! Love the title 'House on the Hill - Appliqué that fascinates Youngsters.'

I love the quilt on the right with the partial flower. Neat idea.

This was adorable - all squares or half square triangles to make this cute rocking horse. Hmmmm I wonder if there will be some babies from the nieces and nephews in the next bit that I could make this for? Maybe it might be good to have on hand, just in case =)

Clean up the house.... or sew the GI blocks together. Yup - I think I'm going to sew the blocks together. 


Ray and Jeanne said...

Congrats on losing the weight. I like the way you reward yourself! Super neat books - thanks for sharing. ~Jeanne

Julierose said...

Oh good deal losing 4 lbs--not easy! Love that House on the Hill a lot...hugs, Julierose

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

What a treasure to get these old books. That baby quilt is adorable.

Beth in MN said...

Oh, those books remind me of my early days of quilting. Love them.
Congrats on losing those extra pounds. I think they came my way. LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

These vintage books are such a great find!

a good yarn said...

Your GI quilt is motoring along nicely. What a nice way to treat yourself. Those books are great and just goes to show that quilting crosses all decades.

Sheila said...

Goodnight Irene is looking great!
Thanks for sharing pictures of those old quilt books.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Yay on the weight off! That was fast! Meanwhile I've got 2 lbs off (at this rate, I won't get these 8 lbs off until May! ugh!).

I do like that little rocking horse quilt ... cute, cute, cute.

Yep, working on GI > cleaning up the house.

Design Originals by KC said...

Deb... Love your goodnight Irene flimsy... I love the scrappy neutrals in the end too .. I hope you do as well... What a treasure trove of cool old mags you got! Love that!!!!
Thanks for sharing some of your faves from these mags.. I bet I see your future quilts getting rearranged to fit in a cool vintage project too! lol good luck starting on getting your GI together too :) Kathi

Dasha said...

I love your Goodnight Irene top. It is fabulous. Did you make it for the RSC? What a treasure those quilt books are.