Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tiny Tuesday - Week 1

This year I am back to doing my Tiny Tuesday posts. I am working this year with the Midget Appliqué blocks from SentimentalStitches.com with 52 blocks that will finish at 4.5 inches. Yes, that is TINY! I hope my appliqué skills will improve this year and maybe I'll try a few new techniques in the process. Some have asked about the appliqué process I am using. I am not an expert (self taught by books and Youtube video's) but I'll try and write how I make the blocks each week. Freezer paper is my friend!

The first block is called Wild Rose. I used my clover bias maker 1/4 inch  to create my flower stem (ok, it is a little bigger than it should be but it is my block!).

The leaves I traced the shapes onto freezer paper and pressed to the top of the fabric. Cut out with a seam allowance and then pulled off the paper and put it on the back and pressed the edges onto it to form the leaves to appliqué down. The flowers - I left the freezer paper on the top and used needle turn appliqué to turn and shape the flowers. The circle... I cut a shape onto card stock and basted the yellow fabric over it to create the perfect circle. Then I just used appliqué to attach it and cut through the back of the project up to the front to remove the card stock.

Wild Rose by VTQuilter
My companion today while I was stitching is Ms. Sophie. She is purring away and was not too pleased to be disturbed for a picture.


  1. Yay for Tiny Tuesday! Love your little block and the kitty too!

  2. Beautiful block! Love your little fat kitty! LOL!

  3. Cute block Deb! I think it is a great idea to share your process.

  4. So tiny are highly adorable. What a fun quilt this will be by the end of the year.

  5. Very pretty. 52 of this kind of little beauty will make a gorgeous quilt!

  6. What a cute block!! How do you remove the freezer paper from the back of the leaves? I took a class where we put freezer paper on the back of the cut pieces and after they were appliqued to the background, we cut a small hole in the back of the background and pulled the freezer paper out. It worked pretty well for me but our cut pieces weren't so tiny ... I don't know if that technique would work for such small pieces. I'd like to use more applique ... ala Kim Diehl.

  7. Love your little block.. will be looking forward to Tuesday's this year for sure! :) Kathi


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