Friday, July 10, 2015

RSC Dresdens...

 I added three dresden plates to the group today.  The red is not that vibrant in real life but I do love the maroon and forest green ones I added to the mix. That was my reward for letting the kids sew after I was done with these.

Aidan's top - the rainbow fabric is on top but he pieced the yellow and black on my machine by himself. I did the cutting with the rotary cutter. It is 14x15 inches. He even drew a picture of the 'quilt' he wanted to make.

Aidan's creation Age 7
Emily picked these fabrics and sewed them together and then used some stitches on her machine to make them smaller with the zig zag. Again - they did the sewing I just did the cutting. They were quite proud of themselves.  Emily drew a picture of her project before starting as well. It kept them busy while I finished with the dresden plates.

Emily's creation age 6
I cut them off at 5:22 realizing I had to feed them dinner and had not taken anything out. Em and I had burgers and beans while Aidan had some meatballs in sauce and beans. Dessert was the granola bars I made this afternoon with some coconut, nuts, and craisins. I under cooked them thinking they would be softer and maybe Em would like them. Nope, she didn't... and they are more like crumbly, soft granola bits rather than bars. Still tastes good and I've already had some on top of vanilla yogurt. Aidan loves them and is on his third bar. 

I'm going to link up with the RSC Challenge for red on Saturday morning. You might also be interested in the mid year link party for the Challenge this year. There are tons of neat projects being worked on using up our scraps.


  1. What a great idea to have both kids making quilts of their own design. They must be really excited to see them on the blog. Good going Aidan and Emily!

  2. I always LOVE to see Moms sewing with kids. Even better that you blogged about it!!

  3. It's terrific that your tiddlies want to try sewing. It's a great start to appreciating making something yourself. The Dresdens are gorgeous! Those granola bars sound pretty tasty too.

  4. Love the Dresdens, especially the maroon one. So brave to let the kids sew. They did a great job! It is great that they did the planning ahead of time.

  5. I love seeing what kids do with fabric. You are teaching them some great skills. ~Jeanne

  6. Wow, what fabulous Dresdens! Love the little quiltlets that Aidan and Emily made.

  7. The granola "bars" sound good! Congrats to the kids for their creations!

  8. Great Dresdens. The darker red and green look so Christmasy and festive. The kids did a great job sewing and designing too! Wow ! What a wonderfully creative group.

  9. Beautiful Dresden . I bought a Dresden template and plan to make those blocks next year.
    The kids did great! Very talented and creative kids!

  10. Love your dresdens! That's my plan for next year. Can't wait.

  11. Love those dresdens!
    And hurray for kids sewing! Especially the planning beforehand - valuable skills for any project in life.

  12. Ooooh -- I'm lovin' on those dresdens!
    I know that making a tumbler template is easy-peasy, but.... Hm.... I may need to do just a lil' bit of math to make a dresden template :) Are you using a ruler?
    LOVE it!!!!!

    Also, your header-picture....awwwwww. Kitty looks SO comfy.


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