Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Row by Row Experience!

Three days without a computer...ok, I had my i phone but I just checked a few e-mails and the weather with that. Well, I also used the map app for directions. Directions, you say? Yup - there is a row by row experience going on this summer and after doing some research on it last week (and stopping by my local quilt shop to get their row), there were quite a few quilt shops in the area I was heading to. Yes, I ditched the family (I did make sure the hubby was ok with it) and hit some quilt shops in the Rockledge (Cocoa Beach/Melbourne) area. I found six shops and would you believe in just a couple of hours I hit 5 of them! I also got to meet up with RSC Challenge host Angela and her daughter Anna to hit four of them. So fun!

We started at The Quilt Place in Rockledge where they have a very cute row of sailboats. I just got the free pattern there and I am going to use my hand dyed fabric and batiks to make that row.
We then went to Fabric, Fabric, Fabric five minutes down the road to get  a cute row of duckies! They are pre cut and have the fusible web on them already so I purchased that kit and pattern. Then we went to Quilting Folks Sewing Galary to pick up a very cute row of different blues and tans for water and sand with some applique starfish and octopus on it. They had also added some beads which just made it sparkle. Yup - got that pattern with the fabric and I think I'll put one in the quilt and make a table runner for my table using my fabrics. Five minutes from that one was Quilts and Lace where I just got the pattern. That row is a thermometer and I have some red rick rack from my grandmother that I think I'll use to outline the thermometer. On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at Sew Central - which is a great little quilt shop. Very friendly staff and I picked up a kit of the nautical flags spelling out water. Water is the theme for this year. They are a Viking dealer (I have a Quilt Designer sewing machine) and had the greatest beach bench pillows..... did I think to take a picture? Of course not but great inspiring quilts hanging all around.

There was also time on the beach building sand castles, boogie boarding (Grandma, Aidan and Greg) and jumping waves. Some walks on the beach with the kids crabbing at night and with my friend Shelly and her kids who was down from NY on vacation. Lots of time in the pool and pirate ship kiddie pool as well. 
 Mr Crab on the beach - posing for a photo.

Three more weeks until school starts....not that I am counting down the days or anything!
Time to throw in a batch of laundry and maybe grab something to stitch.


scraphappy said...

Sew glad I was able to meet up with you for the Row by Row shop hop. Picked up the manatees this morning. So cute!

Quilter Kathy said...

How fun that you guys could meet up!
Can't wait to see what you make!

canuckquilter said...

Sounds like a fun day! How fun to reach that many shops so quickly, and still have time left over for sandcastles :)

Ray and Jeanne said...

What a fun time! So glad you got to hit a few shops. ~Jeanne

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

So lucky that you were able to meet up with Angela! AND to get to hit all those quilt shops in such a short amount of time. Followed up with beach time. That would count as a PERFECT getaway in my world. ;-)