Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tiny Thursday....

The kids were getting some worksheets and coloring pages printed out on Tuesday... so I printed off some more appliqué blocks. I also got to draw the lines on the back of all of them for back basting and picked fabrics and got them cut to the needed sizes while the kids were coloring. They all got bundled up into a ziplock bag - quart size and are sitting by my recliner chair in their little bucket. So easy to just grab one and work on it. Did I mention I love zip lock bags for organizing my 'take with' projects? I have one for the 2 inch trip around the world quilt, one for the colored 2.5 inch trip block, some for the hexies from last year, etc. So handy to just grab a bag and the bag for needles, scissors, thread and head out the door!

Very rainy the last couple of days so I got two blocks done. Four pedal flower and Umbrella. Someone needs to talk me out of making the umbrella bigger and doing that next year for the RSC Challenge please!

I sent the kids out with my phone to snap some pictures of the flowers that finally bloomed. Ignore the messy porch! and the weeds =) 


  1. Those are two very cute blocks! Wish is would rain here starting to get very dry and so hot. Hopefully this evening we will get a shower.

  2. A rainbow of umbrellas sounds perfect for next year's RSC. Definitely necessary with all the weather we've been having lately.

  3. Such pretty blooms - lilies and gladioli - my mother's favourites. Your tiny blocks look great and I don't think anyone could talk you out making an umbrella quilt. Zip lock bags are a godsend. A modern marvel.

  4. However did we manage to quilt back in the day without zip lock bags? I use them all the time, even for machine stitching.