Friday, July 31, 2015


I got to sew a bit yesterday after finally dusting and vacuuming my bedroom. Yes.... I tend to ignore that one but when moving things off the walls so the bug guys could spray I saw how much dust is in there... and poor Greg who is allergic to the cats who pretty much inhabit that room while the kids are awake.... I think he slept a lot better last night =)

I finally pressed the rows and sewed them together. Can you see my last seam as the hurry up to start dinner got put on upside down? I hate sewing rows...... which is why this sat for over a week. I sewed two together and then right into a set of four. There will be a little seam ripping going on today. Dinner last night was a tater tot casserole (added cheese before the tater tots!), which Aidan loved but Em...not so much. She did eat all the tater tots though!

I also took breaks during the day and added a few squares onto the trip block yesterday as well..... and cut the last ones needed this morning. Now to draw the lines and then get them onto the block.

Mom - Aidan earned back the Florida Night sky trip tonight =) Good luck to Dad today... thinking of you both during his tests.


  1. Lucky couple!! I would be THRILLED to receive that quilt as a gift. It's sparkles with color and is SEW beautiful!!!

  2. I love that quilt and will love it even more when you rip and resew that one seam! I hate when things like that happen. At least it was just one seam. Hope you have it fixed by now. ~Jeanne

  3. I love this quilt! I share your opinion of sewing rows :) I love making blocks, and laying them out, even sewing into rows I don't mind too much. Actually sewing rows to other rows is where every one of my quits has slowed to a crawl! That and borders.

  4. Drats! Unpicking is no fun but it's a cracking quilt. Your TOTW block is looking good too.

  5. I too hate sewing rows together ... I usually end up having to unsew as often as not. Ugh. I really like your TATW.