Thursday, July 2, 2015


Bonnie announced this years Leader and Enders Challenge.... Tumblers! I've been intrigued by these quilts for a while now and have even printed off a template for a tumbler in the past year. So, do I join in? I did a bit of research on creating templates since the 3 inch one I printed off.....I really don't have strips of fabric in that size! I've been thinking.... I have a kaleidoscope ruler or a 60 degree one. How about if I position that on the strip and then use tape to mark a top and bottom line on that and then use that to cut out the shapes? I think I am on to something with this thinking process. Thank goodness the 'thought' for the day came so early!

Are you joining in the Leader and Ender challenge? I've been searching some Pininterest boards and decided I really like the ones with deep colors and alternating with a 'light'. I think I need to trim up some cream scraps into 2.5 inch strips and get cutting! This quilt by Jo at Jo's Country Junction is my inspiration.
From Jo's Country Junction
I also love this little flag tumbler quilt found at Roguequilter. I even have some blue fabrics from Kathi C that would be great in this quilt! She has made a beautiful one too! Maybe I'll whip up a quick little flag quilt tomorrow while the kids are at Grandmas! Hmmmm I was planning to steam clean the carpets.... decisions, decisions....

On tap today is a play date at a friends new house for some pizza for lunch and swimming. Lets hope the thunder storms don't start until later this afternoon today.


  1. I'm thinking of joining, but I absolutely DO NOT need to be starting a NEW quilt right now!! I've got UFOs coming out my ears and the RSC blocks on the go. That really SHOULD be enough to keep me well entertained in the sewing room. Only time will tell if my resolve holds. :P

  2. That is a beautiful quilt. Though I just finished a RSC 5" tumbler quilt using a 5" tumbler template I bought at Missouri Star Quilt Company, I plan to make another tumbler quilt or two. Bonnie Hunter used a Dresden Template to cut her 2.5" tumblers. That's a template I wouldn't mind owning as it seems to be a versatile tool one can use to make skinny Christmas trees, tumblers, wedges, Dresden blocks, etc.

  3. I love her Leader-Ender projects--but won't be able to hand rotary cut all of those tumblers with my shoulder. Maybe I should get that accuquilt die...ya think??
    I like the dark alternating with lighter ones also--so homey and comfy looking... hugs, Julierose

  4. Oh, I do like that inspiration quilt. When I saw Bonnie's post yesterday I realized that I have exactly the same Dresden Plate ruler she used. I've been thinking of making giant crumb blocks and cutting them into super sized tumblers. So many ideas! The dark and light alternating make a really nice pattern. Hope that you get your swimming in, those afternoon showers are getting pretty predictable right now.

  5. Scrappy tumbler quilt is one of my all-time favourites. Your idea to use that ruler seem like a good one. The flag version is really good. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  6. Love the tumbler quilts. I have one that is a UFO that I really need to finish it but not really in the mood. LOL! That's my problem...I get sidetracked too easily.

  7. I certainly can see why that quilt is your inspiration. When (if?) I make a tumbler quilt, I'd make one just like that.