Sunday, August 13, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching....

I hope to be getting a few stitches in here and there today. The house is mostly cleaned (ok, the dusting didn't happen but sweeping, mopping and vacuuming with a few loads of laundry has happened). I should... make up a few hours at work since I only got in about 12 out of 20 last week with no internet Monday and Wednesday was meet the teacher and get supplies and hair cuts...then one hour of working in the afternoon while very excited kids were too loud,  I called it a day. Sigh. Should get back to 'normal' this week.. but that means busy in the evenings.

We are dog sitting for my MIL - she will bring Buddy the horse... I mean dog with her when she returns the kids this afternoon. At least with Buddy the Boxer here tonight - Maxie cat won't come out to the living room so I should be able to work on the binding on the bricks and steppingstones quilt in green and browns. I got it pinned and machine quilted last Sunday but Maxie has been demanding to be on my lap and is too darn cute to move once I get a section done. See what I mean?

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

RSC in neutrals....

I was hoping to have a finish to show ... but since I have not finished the binding on the bricks and steppingstones that will have to wait. I am showing the back since it is made up of all neutrals. This was my Sunday sewing to get the backing made and then pinned and quilted.  I just have had a cat not allowing me to get the hand stitching done at night .... as you can see here. If there is a quilt near me... Maxie cat will be on it. Silly girl.

I made a couple of neutral 16 patch blocks to add to the collection. I had found some black and tan squares leftover from my maple leaf quilt a few months ago so sewed them up back then.

Then I laid out the bow tie blocks. Oops - miscounted on the blue so I have cut 3 more and one more yellow to make my 12 bow ties. I need to make some red and green so those will hopefully get done this month as a catch up.
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

First day of school!

The first day of school has arrived! Aidan is in 4th grade (age 9) and got the teacher he was hoping for. Emily is in 3rd grade (age 8) and got the teacher we requested for her. Both were so excited to start school and get back to seeing their friends and the routine. New this year - no homework for the elementary grades! They are also adding a 20 minute recess back to their day along with their 30 minutes of PE.  Looking forward to a great school year.

I guess they grew.... here is last years picture!

I'm enjoying the day - got a little sewing in (neutrals for RSC) , relaxing in my chair,  PT session for my foot and a trip to Aldi for veggies. Time for lunch and then a little more sewing before I head over (with handwork) to wait in the car line for the kids at school. Planning a new to us meal tonight - salisbury steak meatballs in a gravy with mashed potato, a cucumber salad and zucchini. Always fun to try something new while working through the freezer and pantry.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Slow Stitching Sunday....

After doing some yard work yesterday morning I was completely wiped out for the rest of the day. It also probably was not the best thing to do with a sore foot since my PT on Thursday.... but... the flower beds are weeded out front and some of the bushes were wacked... I mean trimmed.

That led me to the recliner and some slow stitching in the afternoon.  I got all my prepped baskets completed....

and need to prep 2 more to make 8 for a small wall hanging while the 25 others will become another little quilt to be hand quilted. I plan to exercise the machine today while the kids are gone and get those rows sewn together into a top for the 25 baskets. Not a great photo but I think this is the layout I am going with.

I was able to get this to a top stage today. Looks a little washed out in the photo but it is a 32x32 top now. 

Since I was so tired yesterday and went to bed really early.... I was up at 6:30 and had peace and quiet while the rest were sleeping. I was able to finish off the last basket and finish one of the corner borders for the 1857 quilt. I will needle turn the last corner border sometime today while resting my foot.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July blue baskets....

I seem to have miscalculated on how many baskets I needed. I was laying them out yesterday .... and it seems 25 is a good number to make a quilt. I have been swapping the blocks and adding the ones I made last night and removing them. I think I am happy with my layout  - which is different from this photo.

Hmmmmm. What to do with the remaining 6? I have a feeling they might turn into something else? Did I just add a new project.... Oops! I can see 8 baskets around a center open square.... maybe corner triangles to hand quilt in and then a nice blue binding for a small wall hanging?  Or a medallion quilt? We shall see....

Thunder storms have been rolling though this morning and I am wondering where the children and Grandma are.... they had a double kid sleepover last night after she took them to the skyline for the trampoline yesterday late morning. Someone turned their knee - I hear she is just fine though - Emily not Grandma!. They went to her house after instead of bowling and that led to the overnight offer so she could take them to the gulf and watch the sunset. Who am I to argue with a kid free night? Greg got home from work and mowed the lawn then we went out for dinner and had a nice evening without kids. Hopefully they get returned in the near future - Emily has gymnastics tonight and I have a meeting right after that..... I think I'll go sew these blue baskets together...that will pretty much guarantee she pulls into the driveway as soon as the machine gets turned on!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1....

Aidan's Beach Day Table Runner.

The boy was home with me yesterday while the girl was at Grandma's for a sleepover and shopping for school day. This is the one that is not good at entertaining himself...... he wanted to make a quilt. I said - draw the picture you want and write your steps. We needed a runner for the table and figured out the size (around 9x30) and discussed ideas for the runner. I said something summery - so he did a beach scene. He drew it and wrote his directions. I helped with some of it but he did all the sewing, quilting and some of the cutting with a rotary cutter. Yes - I got more grey hairs yesterday but he did ok. No cuts - which reminds me I must find the klutz glove for his next time of supervised cutting. He wanted an umbrella - and picked out the red stars fabric and the pole. I hand appliquéd them down. Then he wanted a round float - I was done with appliqué so we found some fusible to try. The purple blended with the 'water' so it went up on the beach. He decided he needed one in the water - so modified his drawing and made a lime green one. Then he wanted a rectangle float - that one is the white sparkle. It still needs a binding (I did trim it after this) but he has not decided on the fabric for that yet. I sure hope he makes a decision soon - I'd really like to put this to use on my dining room table.