Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July blue baskets....

I seem to have miscalculated on how many baskets I needed. I was laying them out yesterday .... and it seems 25 is a good number to make a quilt. I have been swapping the blocks and adding the ones I made last night and removing them. I think I am happy with my layout  - which is different from this photo.

Hmmmmm. What to do with the remaining 6? I have a feeling they might turn into something else? Did I just add a new project.... Oops! I can see 8 baskets around a center open square.... maybe corner triangles to hand quilt in and then a nice blue binding for a small wall hanging?  Or a medallion quilt? We shall see....

Thunder storms have been rolling though this morning and I am wondering where the children and Grandma are.... they had a double kid sleepover last night after she took them to the skyline for the trampoline yesterday late morning. Someone turned their knee - I hear she is just fine though - Emily not Grandma!. They went to her house after instead of bowling and that led to the overnight offer so she could take them to the gulf and watch the sunset. Who am I to argue with a kid free night? Greg got home from work and mowed the lawn then we went out for dinner and had a nice evening without kids. Hopefully they get returned in the near future - Emily has gymnastics tonight and I have a meeting right after that..... I think I'll go sew these blue baskets together...that will pretty much guarantee she pulls into the driveway as soon as the machine gets turned on!


  1. Lovely little blue baskets--funny how one project leads to another..hugs, Julierose

  2. LOL yes the minute you start sewing the kids will return :) Life....:)

  3. Your baskets are beautiful. I'm sure that the extras would make something pretty. You could always put them on the back if you are not hand quilting of course. Hope you enjoyed your kid free time. Always nice to be able to have a bit of a change.

  4. Such sweet little baskets. They will make lovely projects for sure. Sounds like the kiddlets are having plenty of fun.