Thursday, August 10, 2017

First day of school!

The first day of school has arrived! Aidan is in 4th grade (age 9) and got the teacher he was hoping for. Emily is in 3rd grade (age 8) and got the teacher we requested for her. Both were so excited to start school and get back to seeing their friends and the routine. New this year - no homework for the elementary grades! They are also adding a 20 minute recess back to their day along with their 30 minutes of PE.  Looking forward to a great school year.

I guess they grew.... here is last years picture!

I'm enjoying the day - got a little sewing in (neutrals for RSC) , relaxing in my chair,  PT session for my foot and a trip to Aldi for veggies. Time for lunch and then a little more sewing before I head over (with handwork) to wait in the car line for the kids at school. Planning a new to us meal tonight - salisbury steak meatballs in a gravy with mashed potato, a cucumber salad and zucchini. Always fun to try something new while working through the freezer and pantry.


  1. Yep, if you keep feeding nd watering them they just grow and grow! Thanks for the link to the meatball recipe. Yum!

  2. They both looked ready to have a great day! It sounds like you had a good day too - enjoy! ~Jeanne

  3. They sure look happy ; always surprises me reading a blog from the south as in the kids start back so much earlier there than here! No homework sounds wonderful for young kids.