Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1....

Aidan's Beach Day Table Runner.

The boy was home with me yesterday while the girl was at Grandma's for a sleepover and shopping for school day. This is the one that is not good at entertaining himself...... he wanted to make a quilt. I said - draw the picture you want and write your steps. We needed a runner for the table and figured out the size (around 9x30) and discussed ideas for the runner. I said something summery - so he did a beach scene. He drew it and wrote his directions. I helped with some of it but he did all the sewing, quilting and some of the cutting with a rotary cutter. Yes - I got more grey hairs yesterday but he did ok. No cuts - which reminds me I must find the klutz glove for his next time of supervised cutting. He wanted an umbrella - and picked out the red stars fabric and the pole. I hand appliquéd them down. Then he wanted a round float - I was done with appliqué so we found some fusible to try. The purple blended with the 'water' so it went up on the beach. He decided he needed one in the water - so modified his drawing and made a lime green one. Then he wanted a rectangle float - that one is the white sparkle. It still needs a binding (I did trim it after this) but he has not decided on the fabric for that yet. I sure hope he makes a decision soon - I'd really like to put this to use on my dining room table.


  1. How sweet is that?!?! Quilting with the boy. AWESOME, Mom!!

  2. Such a neat project! He did a great job with a little help from a super Mom! ~Jeanne

  3. Such a fun project to make together!
    He could draw more details in the water and on the sand with a frixion pen and you could quilt them...a person on the raft, a beach chair and pail, a bird, a sun, etc... I'm getting excited about the possibilities! LOL

  4. What a great way to keep him occupied and get him in on the crafting!

  5. Good for him! It will be nice to have it on display too.


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