Friday, April 8, 2011

Midget Friday!

I finally got to sew today! It's been a couple of weeks and I really needed to touch some fabrics. I printed down the next 6 blocks and decided to skip blocks 5+6 since they were paper pieced. I needed another week off after all the ribbons I did the last couple of months. I decided to do block #8 - Tricolor Block. I followed the color diagram and this went together quickly. I think I'll do #7 next, then #6 and #5.

Since the kitchen and dining room floors were still drying..... I sewed 4 more of the blue star blocks to use up the half square triangles from my parents anniversary quilt last year. Finally starting to see the end of these as I've made 35 of these friendship star blocks so far. I'll need to cut or find some more of my blue 2.5 inch squares to start making my connector blocks for this quilt... then work on the words for the border. I got Tonya R's book on words and can't wait to start playing with my Twinkle Twinkle Little Star words.

Taking the kids for their portraits tomorrow morning with Daddy. First time he's gone with us but after last year taking a 2YO and a 1YO by myself..... I will always bring someone with me for the next few years! Lets hope they both are in good moods and want to smile for the camera. I'd love to get one of them together...but won't get my hopes up.

A 2nd birthday party for Emily on Sunday with my family. Nice weather so we'll try to throw some burgers and dogs on the grill. I'm going to try and pin my black/red stars quilt on Saturday after cleaning and see if I can get that quilted and bound next week. The little guy is having eye surgery next Friday and Mommy needs some binding to work on while we wait in the waiting room.

Happy quilting

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  1. I pray all goes well with the little guys surgery and good luck with the photos!

    Love your blocks! I really need to get back to my midgets too.