Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Year of the Pigs Question....

Jill posted this question on her blog - 'What is your least favorite part of quilting?' or essentially what makes you put aside the quilt and work on something else?

Good question Jill! For me.... I dislike adding the borders since they are usually long. Yes, they are easy to do but something about them being long and my little sewing space make it seem like an issue. The other part - pinning or basting for quilting. Lots of quilts get stopped at this point. Making the backing is part of that... those long pieces of fabric again. I do use the Sharon Shamber method and roll the front and back onto the wooden boards and that does make it lots easier to do than the putting it on the floor and smoothing it out and pinning. I'm so glad that I took her workshop in the fall of 2009 and learned that method and how to properly baste a quilt. It was nice to have a day to sew completely away from the kiddos - who where 20 months and 6 months old at that time. So far, those are my least favorite parts of quilting.On the flip side- I love making blocks and I do have to say I love hand sewing the bindings down... wish I lived closer and I'd help you with those, Jill!

On that note, the kids seem to be entertaining themselves (no one is crying or screaming!) so I think I'll go pull out the tops and backing for the 2 quilts that need quilting (Kristin's YBR and a red/black stars quilt that will be donated to Lacing up for Cancer walk in June for my friend Kelly) and measure the top so I can make the backings while the kiddo's are sleeping. I'll also do a quick baste or pin of that little cat quilt from the last post and I think I'll play with my hand quilting on that one after the kids go to bed at night. Nothing fancy, just practicing the stitches and getting them about the same size. Which reminds me... I saw a neat little Ott light that goes around your neck... or by your sewing machine in Keepsake Quilting and they have them or something similar at Joanns. I need to pop in and pick one of those up so I can see what I am doing when I start hand quilting! Have you seen them or used them? Let me know if you have and how you like it!

The kids are calling and want a taster for the play food they are making. Must go taste what my little chefs are making.
Happy Quilting.


  1. I like making the blocks and I dont' bind doing the bindings either. I don't mind the borders if it's one long strip of fabric, pieced borders are more of a an issue.

  2. I have no idea why I have an aversion to borders. It's the last step before having a finished top so you would think that would be enough of an incentive. Lol

    And I'm gonna have to look up the Sharin Schamber basting method. This is the second post I have read about it.

    If you did my bindings, I would do your quilting or Hastings! :)

  3. My mom bought one of those lights last time Joann's had a 50% off coupon and she absolutely loves it! Good luck with the basting!

  4. I am going to check out that method too seem there is always something new to learn