Friday, April 1, 2011

Quilt Show this Weekend!!!!

It's finally here. Today is set up and this weekend is the quilt show. I had to 'fix' a quilt this morning for the show. The Challenge quilt needed another washing so it was clean... and I will never use the fusible permanent press things on a 'usable' quilt ever again. After the show... I will be doing some work around the seams on a few of the blocks to get them down. Similar to what I did in the center Vermont block.... but the sewing room is a guest room right now so it will have to wait. Wish Grandma luck with watching the monsters... I mean kids today and this weekend with Daddy.

Here is a link to the quilt show flyer. If you are in the St. Albans Vermont area, stop in and take a look at the beautiful quilts being made by the members of my quilt guild.

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