Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiny Tuesday....

Well, I actually made this the weekend before last but am just getting around to posting it.
This is At the Depot, number 7 from the Midget Blocks from Sentimentalstitches.

I have been sewing and made a bunch more of the white/blue star blocks and my 6 patch blocks of blue.

I also wanted to do something new on Saturday since we all survived the boy's surgery and he was home and eating and playing about 3 hours after surgery... it is amazing how a 3 year old can just bounce back from something so quickly! I looked at my new book by Kathie Alyce and made this:

I'm thinking I'll just add a flower border from my scraps and then an outer border to make it a little bigger. This will probably end up with the dolls in Em's room. I need to work a bit on getting things to match at the end but it was pretty easy if you follow her directions in the book.

I also pulled out these 6 blocks from an internet exchange many years ago - late 90's I think. This was down as my UFO to finish in February. I pulled them into this 20x27 inch top. I have the backing and batting set, just need to get it quilted and bound.

Sunny today so an outside day for the kids. They like to help, so I'm thinking they can pick up the sticks on the ground while I rake a little bit.



  1. Such a cute little midget block. Nice work

  2. Way to go on another block finished! Hope your boy is doing well!