Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday sewing.....

I got the kids tired out in the pool and down for a nap so I could sew this afternoon. I got the other 2 pinwheel blocks done for the scrappy blue challenge

and was able to finish the 9 scrappy log cabin blocks. This is probably how they will be laid out, but I will probably move things around a bit to spread out the colors. Aidan helped by selecting the lights and dark colors as I was sewing them.


  1. I really like your pinwheel blocks. I love that your son likes to help you with the quilts.

  2. It was nice of Aiden to help with the strip picking. The yellows are a really nice addition t the blocks, giving them a nice pop of color. Glad you were able to sew again today. It is so sad when naptime goes away.