Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where did the weekend go?

I can't believe it is Sunday night - I never posted for the rainbow scrap challenge and it is blue this month. My favorite color. I did get things cut out for the birds in the air blocks on Friday but didn't feel like sewing once I finally got the kids sleeping Saturday afternoon. Lets just say I had to take away a sleepover at Grandmas this week and was only able to sit on the couch and stitch while watching some taped shows from this spring by the time he went down for a nap. It was a long morning. He did straighten out and went to bed well last night and was better today for Daddy so it has been reinstated. Grandma also had a chat on the phone with him last night.
Hopefully these will be completed for next Saturday.

I did get the borders done on this one this week and have now started back on the fans and hope to have some progress to show on that one next week. You can really get a lot done with a strand of thread sewn here and there in little bits of time.

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Ellen said...

I didn't work with my blue scraps at all this week. They are waiting for me for next week - maybe some string blocks.