Friday, July 27, 2012

Some progress...

I have all the alphabet letters and an Aidan created. I just need to get them all to the same size and fit them around the borders of the quilt..... once I get those blocks sewn together.

I also cut out all the keys for the border on the baby quilt and started making them into pairs. I am thinking the four corners will be a paper pieced little corner block but we'll see as it comes together. Hard to believe that little pile is 82 slices of 2.5x5.5 rectangles! I just hope I did my math correctly. I am leaving that stack of fabrics out on the floor until that top is done just in case.... does anyone else do that?

I also recut out one section of that midget block and got it pieced. I figured out my mistake - always trace from the front of the fabric when there are triangles! I did it from the back originally and that just doesn't work. Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough of the original fabrics I selected so I have to reselect some. The good news is I know it will go together this time!

Now I just need it to be nap time or have the kids play together without having me 'right there'..... so I can sneak in and get some sewing time in here and there. Yesterday was a long day with one very cranky boy who wanted to be hugged and snuggle all day long - both kids had slight fevers and were just off. Of course - I have a head cold too and from their sneezing I am guessing they have it too. Lots of Vics vapor rub (good stuff!) and humidifiers in their rooms for sleeping going on at our house.

I also forgot it is getting to the end of the month and I have not done my quilt square along block yet! I think the baby quilt will go on the back burner until that one or two is done. My priority is Aidan's quilt though.... I'd like the top done for a reveal on Saturday. Think I can do it? Then Sunday will be cut the midget one out for hand work and maybe cut out and start sewing the quilt square along block.

Hope you have a great day and can get a little sewing in.


scraphappy said...

Love your ABCs! They really pop in white with the blue background. I always keep all the "extra" fabric gathered together until the top is done. It is so fun to put it all away when the quilt is finished, more scraps for the next project. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. It is no fun to feel sick yourself and have to baby everyone else at the same time. Best of luck on your midget. Those triangles are so tricky.

Kristie said...

Sure hope that everyone is feeling better. :)

Loving those blocks for the borders! can't wait to see it all come together.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great progress on the letters!
I like to leave all my fabrics out and visible until after the quilt top is finished. Makes for a messy sewing area, but saves time searching for pieces I might need.