Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A shopping spree....

I have been having some fun with birthday money. Last week I headed to Joann's Fabrics after work and picked up 5 yards of each of these - a flannel blue dot, a flannel green dot and a white on white cotton. I think the white will work great for some kids quilts with the fabrics I won from Ellen last month. The flannel's will become the backings for a couple of quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

I also had a box waiting for me when I got home last night from the dentist. I was good and waited until this morning to open it (after everyone else was gone so I could fondle my fabric!). I placed an order from Connecting Threads Thursday and it arrived yesterday! Quick service and their fabrics are so soft. I love their mirage line and got an indigo blue, iris, lilac, silver and antique cream. I also got their Fauna thread set - it was on sale for $19.53! Then I got the backing fabric in this hana toile to go on the back of my blue and cream log cabin quilt.

The blue and iris (dark purple) will go into the graduation quilt for this year along with some turquoise to make a Kaleidoscope quilt. I made this one last year for a graduation gift for Jillian. Becky liked it so much she asked for the same pattern.  The iris and lilac and antique fabrics will probably be made into a  
Tennessee Waltz quilt for my brother and sister in law at some point. The silver..... who knows. I was planning to put it in the Kaleidoscope quilt but she decided she really liked the turquoise so that will stay in the stash and play nicely with some blues at some point.

It was very chilly on my walk this morning - I had to pull out the winter hat, gloves and scarf! It will get even colder tonight and the single paned windows down here are not very well insulated. I think the huge Easy Street quilt will be on my bed tonight so I'll have some covers to keep me warm! Who knows maybe the flannel sheets will make an appearance too! Tonight will be chicken chili and corn bread. The kids had hot cocoa after the school pick up. They are out in their hats and gloves riding the jeep around the yard. I fear the peace and quiet will end soon so I better start dinner so it will be ready when they are.


Ellen said...

Lots of wonderful goodies! I haven't heard of the Tennessee Waltz pattern before - very nice!

It has been very cold here the past couple days. We have had a couple snowfalls already that have melted quickly but the last one seems to be sticking around.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

It was plain cold yesterday morning - 18 degrees. Brrrr!

You got quite a lot of gorgeous fabrics there! I'd never heard of the Tennessee Waltz quilt and had to look it up - I can't wait to see your version of that beautiful quilt!

Moneik said...

So funny to hear you say it is cold. It was cold here Monday, around 9 degrees, but then yesterday and today it has been in the mid 50's, which we consider really warm for our winter. We were out without gloves when we walked yesterday and will be again today.

scraphappy said...

So many pretty fabrics, glad you will be well stocked on backings for a bit, it seems like you have been turning out quilts at an amazing rate.