Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Midget Blocks.....

With little sleep last night for 3 out of 4 in the house I figured it is a good day to pull out my Midget blocks and see how many of these I have. Emily is home again today with a 100 degree fever and a constant cough. We heard it all night long! It was really loud as she moved from her room to the living room right outside our bedroom! Saturday night, Sunday and Monday it was sneezing and runny nose and now the cough and fever. Since she has been coughing all over me I am sure I am getting it too. I've been popping Vitamin C and a multi vitamin to try and avoid it. At least she got a little snooze this morning as I ran the month end reports to the accountant this morning.

I started this journey back in Vermont on October 7, 2010! This was a really long term project and will be even longer as it will wait for hand quilting once it ever gets done to a top stage. I was hoping I had about 120 blocks for  a10x12 setting and guess what? 121! Woo hoo. I think that is enough blocks for this quilt top. Now the fun part starts. They each should finish at 4.5 inches. Well, some are bigger and some are smaller and it will be 'fun' to add the sashing to get these to a similar size in the quit top. First - there are lots of papers on the back of the majority of the paper pieced ones that need to be taken off. Maybe I can get a few taken care of before we head out to pick up the boy from school.


  1. Wow! That's going to be a fantastic quilt! I can't wait to see how you tackle the size variances.

    Hope Emily is feeling better soon. My Ts are in various stages of sinus infections ... praying that you and I both will keep from coming down with what our littles have got. ;-)

  2. They are all such great little blocks. It's going to be a great quilt. Can't wait to see how everything come together.

    I hope you manage to dodge the cold virus and that Emily feels less miserable soon.

  3. Fantastic Deb! Does that mean you are completely done with them? I can't imagine not seeing anymore posts about them - they are like old friends.

  4. Beautiful! What an amazing accomplishment. Good luck with the block putting together -- so long -- but worth it!