Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Finish

I finished the binding on the 64 patch star quilt last night with two cats laying on the quilt as I was watching the Harry Potter movie on TV. They did not like when I had to tug the quilt to get to the parts I needed to finish but it all worked out with a completed quilt last night around 10PM.
This is Sophie this morning enjoying the snugly flannel backing while Greg is making waffles with the kids. Yes Mom, we do use our waffle iron occasionally!

Yesterday he made a pan of lasagna with a little help from the kids. I am really enjoying having him home the last couple of days all day long.

He is ready to go into work tomorrow..... but is not scheduled to go in until Monday!

We also had someone arrive this morning from the North Pole. Our  Elf on the Shelf arrived back to our house this morning. Emily was the first to find him hiding up in the popcorn cups above the cabinets in the kitchen. Since they were not very inventive with a name last year (Mr. Elf), they decided to rename him Chilly this morning. I think our Elf approved. Hopefully he will help us have some better behaved children over the next month as he fly's back to report to Santa each night. Now to remember to move the little guy around each night after kids are in bed. I remember a few times waking at 3AM and having to do some quick arrangement of things before the kids woke up and started the search for him in the morning last year.
As for me..... I plan to start on the first part of the Celtic Solstice mystery today in between continuing the Christmas decorating of the house. If I get a couple of hours... I did pin my coin quilt yesterday and hope to try some free hand circles while quilting that at some point this weekend.



Design Originals by KC said...

LOved your blog post today... we have a white cat looks much like Sophie and likes our quilts too... his name is Cotton :) Glad you do Elf on the Shelf... fun times with little kids in the house mine are teens or grown and "too old for that, Mom!" lol :) Enjoy every minute you have and make time to stitch... are you doing the freehand circles by hand quilting or FMQ? Have fun with Bonnie's mystery. I will watch this year and maybe play next year :) But please share your progress... I just wish I could see the finished design! lol Kathi

soscrappy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like the holiday spirit has hit hard at your house. Enjoy your mystery time. I'll be living through everyone else until I can get home again.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Excellent finishing! Always a good feeling, right?

I can't wait to see how you come along with Bonnie's mystery. I thought about joining in, but with 3 quilts currently underway (I've ALWAYS been a one at a time kind of quilter), I just didn't want to take on another quilt right now. I'd really like to finish one of these up ... and I plan to start unstitching my Storm at Sea when we get home - after we put up the tree!

Ellen said...

Sound like you are enjoying some fun family time. I love the Elf idea!!