Thursday, November 21, 2013

Patch Pals Collection....

I was wandering through the web and ran into this cute doggie pattern. Turn's out there are tons of cute little animals that make up into very cute baby quilts or wall hangings. I found it on amazon and since I had to order new batteries for the house phones, it just popped into the cart. It got delivered yesterday and I love looking through it. I can see this used in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge next year by color. Could grey and black come sooner than later so that elephant and penguin can get made? Emily already wants the dog. Aidan has not seen it yet, but I'm sure he will request one.

The title is Patch Pals Collection - Best of Quiltmaker.
Here is the cover.

The back with all the projects in it.


  1. Those are so cute. I might have to order the penguin as I have a penguin loving granddaughter. ;-)

  2. They are so cute! Most excellent find.

  3. Very Cute! I love when I "have" to add something to the cart because I am buying something else. Enjoy.

  4. Not a bad collection to have "pop into" your cart all by itself :) I made the Jingle Patch Patch Pal last Christmas but substituted the borders from Polar Patch. It was a really fun project. I'm sure indulging the kids' request will not be a hardship in this case!