Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wishing all those in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving and those elsewhere a very Happy Thursday!

We will have a 'quiet' day at home (as quiet as you can get with two very chatty children who don't understand inside voices when they are excited) with a nice lasagna dinner prepared by my hubby. We will do our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday with my father in law and hopefully my mother in law and her hubby and brother will come over after for dessert.

As for me - I plan to make a couple loaves of french bread to go with the lasagna and then pin a quilt for quilting today. The kids are busy in the play room making construction paper garland for the Christmas tree.... which will get decorated today. We decided on a real tree this year and picked it up yesterday and it is in the living room. The first thing they both did this morning was check on the Christmas tree. We will also set up the artificial one in the front room. I fear it it going to be a long 4 weeks until Christmas with two very excited children.

As Kathy said today... one more sleep until the Quiltville Bonnie Hunter mystery starts. I can't wait...... Are you joining in?


Ellen said...

I can't wait!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Love Emily's turkey! Sounds like a wonderful day you have planned. Our guest will arrive shortly and we will have full chaos and lots of fun for a while. Enjoy! ~Jeanne

Ray and Jeanne said...
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Ray and Jeanne said...

Wow - first the computer posted my comment twice so I removed one. Then I noticed that it looks like we have one guest arriving… umm, there are quite a few coming! Gotta love computers and all!

Sheila said...

What a cute turkey! Christmas will be here before you know it : )
Oh yes. I'm going to sew along and make Bonnie's Mystery quilt this year. The smaller version.