Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Waiting until the last minute......

The placemats for Thanksgiving are in process. No sewing yesterday as I was attempting to clean the house. Never fun when you notice at the end of steam cleaning the carpets that the bristle spinning was OFF! Arrgghhh. 
I just finished quilting the last four this morning and have the binding on one side. I'll stitch them down tonight while watching movies with the kids. I've been informed it will be a movie night with popcorn! The last place mat is on the machine - bobbin thread ran out on the last side. I put Christmas fabric on the back so we can use them all December. Two are fun kids prints and the other 4 are the Christmas print you see. Wish me luck on getting them done for tomorrow.

French onion soup is in the last 30 minutes of simmering for my lunch after cooking down all morning. Turkey giblets are all boiled up and ready for the stuffing tomorrow. Just need to finish the thaw on the pumpkin to make the pumpkin pudding for tomorrow. The boy popped a little fever yesterday after school. He had his 3 hours of running around and is resting on the couch all snuggled up under a quilt =).

This was them earlier this morning - playing with a can of snow that one of my employees got for them. You add a cup of water and instant snow! It was for them to practice with for next month when they see the real thing =)

Wishing you all a safe Thanksgiving Holiday to those in the USA. Happy Thursday to everyone else!
Edit....Someone came home with a sheepish smile on his face. He got things to build a fire pit. Yes - the kids already are out with a fire in their new fire pit and have cooked their dogs and marshmallows already for their dinner!


canuckquilter said...

Nice Thanksgiving placemats :) Putting Christmas fabric on the back to extend their use all month is a great idea!I've been trying to talk someone in this house into building a fire pit, but he's worried it would be too close to the house or trees... Sigh. He's right, I just would really love one anyway - but we'll play it safe.

Ellen said...

I really like the idea of having the placemats reversible - very clever.

Lots of fun for the kids!

Design Originals by KC said...

Never heard of snow in a can! Pretty cool! lol Is it cold too??? Love your placemats... hope you enjoy them today! The quilt you son is snuggling under looks cozy.... hope he is well today! Enjoy your fire in your new pit too! Kathi