Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday, Monday....

I seem to falling a little behind on the crochet mystery but I did finish step 3. (Ignore those ends I need to weave in!) Now to start step 4 from Tuesday's release before step 5 comes out tomorrow.

A busy morning on tap - running a few errands (how did the cats run out of their special cat food this weekend?) and planting the yellow and purple flowers I got yesterday out in the front bed.  I got the herbs all planted and some seedlings started in the pots out front. Still need to finish playing in the rest of the garden with the kids this afternoon. First.... off for my walk and then a shower. Hmmmm, maybe I'll have some time to sew later this morning since lunch is bubbling away in the crock pot - lentil soup, yum. Scouts tonight for the kids and Mom and Dad arrive back this afternoon - maybe I should clean up the house a little bit too =)

We did a cookie booth last night at Walmart and as we were picking up the firemen showed up wanting some cookies. We were out of the kinds they wanted but they let the girls check out the truck! Emily got to talk on the radio to the home base while she was in there. Miss fire and rescue loved it! (She has fire trucks and police cars that she plays with at home doing lots of fire and rescue jobs around the house - it is amazing what trouble some of her stuffed animals get into that she has to rescue them from!) A big thank you to Station 21.


  1. Loving your crochet and so happy for Emily! Hope they have the cat food when you go get it too.. how is Aiden's croup doing btw? Better I hope! Kathi

  2. Wow! How lucky to get a private tour of the fire truck and equipment!

  3. That was a nice treat for the Girls! Your crochet is terrific - I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  4. I just wrote my blog post and also titled it Monday, Monday! LOL!