Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It has been an interesting day. The usual yelling start to get the kids moving and out the door to school. One more day before vacation so tomorrow should be easy to get them ready and off to school. (Aidan has a field trip to see Cinderella and Emily has an Easter Egg hunt).  It was pretty foggy this morning, so I tried to FMQ the border again on Celtic Solstice. Three needle breaks and other thread breaks and I gave up again (after a LOT of muttering). I have one side done and one or two flowers on the second side. I think it will get ALL picked out and I'll try something different. I seem to be able to only FMQ with Masterpiece thread and I'm trying to use a Coats and Clark cotton that I loved the colors on since they pick up the yellow, orange and lime greens in the quilt. I tried cleaning the machine, rethreading and obviously changing the needles (5 of them total today!).

I took my walk this morning after that and grabbed my shower. A few loads of laundry have been done as well as going through the kids clothes and pulling those they have outgrown. Those will head to Grandma's to bring to her local woman's shelter this weekend. The dishwasher was put through and then..... I started feeling congested and blah. I have Aidan's field trip tomorrow at school so I decided to catch up on a few of my recorded shows (NCIS LA, and NCIS from last week) and pulled out my crochet mystery. They released clues 6+7 last week...... but I am back on clue #4. I now have 8 of twenty completed. I had three done when I started working on these this morning. I think I have the pattern down on this one so it will go much faster now without having to keep referring to the directions. I still need to stitch in those tails as well.

Em just cleared out her room to vacuum in there, so I should vacuum the rest of the house after she is done. I'd also like to pot the climbing flowers my MIL picked up for me a couple of weeks ago. Other than that... I'm taking it easy and planning to crochet a few more of these step 4 blocks. Lets hope the congestion does not move to the sore throat the other Mom's have been getting (and the kids of course with strep). It sounds like a week long thing and we start vacation on Friday.

Aidan's tops of his ears are red today and his cheeks are getting a little red....that is never a good sign with him as it means he is coming down with it too.  =(. Maybe we'll all just rest this afternoon instead ? Off to find my crochet hook.


  1. Busy day for you! I hope taking things easy will spare you from all being sick over break! Fingers crossed. Those crochet blocks are very intricate. It never occurred to me that you could just add layers upon layers to build a block like that, though now that I see it it makes perfect sense. Are clues 5-7 also more layers on the same squares, or do they start linking pieces together?

  2. We always used to get sick for the holidays and my poor mother. Hopefully, your immune systems give it the flick. Rest, plenty of fluids - chicken soup, hot lemon and honey. My grandmother advocated a little whisky but then she was Scottish and that's just a thing with them.

  3. I sure hope that you all aren't coming down with something, especially not strep! Not with vacation coming up! :-(