Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Finally some hand work....

I pulled out the dark green dresden block, found and pressed a greenish FQ and assembled the little quilt sandwich Monday. After school pick up (and another hour of working) I started quilting the blades.  I continued on after girl scouts while watching The Martian on tv. I managed to get the blades all quilted and outlined the snowman in the circle!

Now to find the herra marker and make those cross hatches in the white background areas.  I'll need the soothing of the quilting today.

Maxie cat had a rough night and her breathing is not great this morning. I think it is time to call the vet so she can go on to cat heaven where she can run and jump and play to her hearts content. She will be sadly missed as my quilting helper and cat tester of quilts over the last 13 years.


  1. sorry about your kitty sometimes it is hard to make this decision but probably best for the cat not to suffer any longer

  2. Thinking of you today. So sorry about Maxie cat. ~Jeanne

  3. Love your Dresden plate. So sorry poor Maxie cat is suffering. It's a hard thing to take care of. I've been on both sides. Had to take care of my own and was a Veterinary Tech helping with others'.

    1. She went peacefully and has been laid to rest in the back yard. I think an azalea might come home tomorrow to mark the spot and make me smile when I see it.

  4. So sorry over the loss of your pet. I smile at the thought of your azalea .... such a lovely way to remember your Maxie Cat.

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  6. So sorry about your kitty. :( I am sure that it was a very painful decision to let her go.