Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend wrap up...

What a weekend!

Saturday, Grandma has been wanting to take the kids to Universal Studios for a couple of years now. Well, it happened. It certainly is not like I remembered it was. I miss the old rides where everything was not a 3D or 4D simulator.... as those really make me nauseous. I didn't do rides...and Emily was not wanting to do them either. We broke off and did the exploring and a few shows instead while the other 3 did the rides multiple times. Well, Grandma and Aidan did the rides multiple times. Seems the 3D didn't sit well with Greg either. Emily humored me and we got a wand and did some spells in the Harry Potter area, saw the Fishermans warf show and the pet show and a couple of the parades. I much prefer the beach =)

Sunday - It was pick up the house a bit and gather the pre-order cookies for Emily from one of my co-leaders house. Then the grandparents down here in Florida came over for some Brats and burgers on the grill and Aidan's second birthday cake. This time it only took him 2 blows to get those candles out..... It took 5 tries on the first cake closer to his birthday last week!.

After that.... I think everyone was completely pooped and rested for the rest of the day. The guinea pig cage got cleaned and the kittens were sure curious about that indoor fence area where those creatures were running around! The spray bottle may have been used to keep some kitten paws out of there.

Some pictured from Universal Studios and the birthday boy.

Did you say car parts?

Harry Potter triple decker bus... Emily was not liking that shrunken head.

Waiting on the pet show.

Some colorful flowers for those up north! It's int he 80's all week here =)

Aidan's Sunday cake - he went to the store for chocolate and came home with Vanilla elegance with raspberry jelly in the layers. Someone has been watching too much of The British Baking Show!

The ice cream cake that took 5 tries to blow out the candles!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Oreo ice cream cake!! wow it looks wonderful sounds like something I would love :)

Ellen said...

Another wonderful day spent with your kiddos! The flowers look so pretty. I am longing for some warmer days and they will come...eventually. :)