Friday, February 9, 2018

What a week!

Monday - Was scouts night.
Tuesday - Someone had a birthday and turned 10. We also had Publix Math night  and Dad had to work late.... so we ended up not doing his ice cream oreo cake until the next night.
Wednesday - I moved Emily's gymnastics up an hour to a new instructor whom she loves! It should be a better fit for us... then we got home and did a quick happy birthday song and cake then I was off to the girl scout leader meeting at 7.
Thursday - Lots of errands - dropping someone's lunch to school that she forgot and dropping a load of things off to goodwill to get it out of my house! Bowling, then Aldi then home to put things away before heading to pick up the kids. I had to go at 3 to get another x-ray on my mouth for insurance to pay for the root canal last week.... someone forgot their guitar so then we had to head home (20 minutes) then back  to guitar center (15 same direction) for Aidan's 4PM lesson. Emily and I got our steps in and after we got home we went out to a 6:30 reservation at Yamatos for the hibachi grill. We got there 6:15, thinking we could sit and start for the 6:30 grilling..... Um, nope. They must have been short staffed this time.... didn't get to sit until 6:40 and then didn't grill until a little after 7! It was another late night. 2 tired kids so got them home for 8PM bedtime then I had to run out and get cookies for Aidan to take into school today for gifted class snack for his birthday. He took sugar cookies in for his normal class on Tuesday.
Friday - Aidan got his lunch with Mom at school today - he normally goes before 11 the rest of the week (and they don't start serving the takeout the lunch he wanted until 11AM) but has the late lunch on Friday - 12:20! He requested Wendy's. Back home to work another half hour then into the car line where I have been working on this which finally got finished today. It seems it is difficult to quilt with Peanut and Ollie - the new kittens in the house.

Peanut say's it is kitty approved.

I'll have to pick the next color to work on - and since Purple is done already I get to pick another color. I think I have 2 greens - so that might be the next color. Three of the 12 blocks are hand quilted - purple, red and light blue. 9 blocks to go!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

pretty Dresden's! so colorful

Quilter Kathy said...

Your quilting looks amazing on these blocks!
So fun to have kitties to "help"!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

What a beautiful quilt!!!!!!!

a good yarn said...

My word that was a busy week! Your Dresden’s are looking lovely.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! What a week!! Are you trying to compete with my schedule? I think you win this week. LOL

vaiybora said...
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