Thursday, October 18, 2018

Log cabins and the green mountains.....

This summer while up in Vermont, I offered to make a quilt for the Lake Elmore Lake Association to raffle off next year. A local quilt guild donated a queen quilt to them to raffle off over the summer of 2018. It went over well to raise some much needed money to help fight the invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil in the lake.

I have been thinking and thinking of what to make. They requested a queen size... as that is what they had this year. I love making scrappy quilts... I have a pile of bird in the air blocks to make an 80x80 quilt like in my header..... but I really want that one for me! I guess after 2 quilts I am done making those blocks... for now!

Thinking a lot on my walks and it hit me over the weekend.... how about a log cabin quilt - with a brown square center and scrappy greens on one side and cream on the other? I have a lot of creamy tan leftover from my 1857 quilt that will work for the 'light side'. Plenty of green scraps in the bin for the other side. It will be done in the fashion that I did this blue and white one , pattern here, and I think it will turn out well! If I have the blocks finish at 12 inches..... an 8x8 setting will give me a 96x96 quilt... which will get a little smaller with the quilting/wash so it should be around 95x95 or 94x94 for a finished size. Yup - I think that will work.

My inspiration - still miss this quilt. I sold it to a former friend.

Scrappy version in a different set.

First one I made while up in Vermont  - was donated to Milton Library.

This one got finished and gifted to my FIL... who did not have a quilt from me yet!

I plan to start on this one sometime next month. First  - I really need to get the kids quilts done for them. Emily's is close to being a top and Aidan's will just need some concentrated effort of just getting into the sewing room to work on it. I hope to make progress on both in the next 2 weeks..... so I can start playing with green scraps in November.... or as we say in Vermont - stick season (hence the brown center!).

A photo from Lake Elmore at night with the sun setting looking towards the general store and town hall and beach.

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck with taking care of your "chores" before starting this new quilt. It sounds like it's going to be a beauty!!