Friday, January 4, 2019

RSC Saturday..... 2019!

So happy to be participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again this year! I have loads of block collections still... but will start a new one or two as well. The plan for this year... I think!

I pulled out this bunch of hand pieced (not english paper piecing or EPP) hexagon flowers I made back in 2014 with this challenge. Time to dust them off and move them along!

I kept pulling out handfuls of them from the drawer...and would check and find more! I sorted them into colors for the year to work on. Looks like the blue and green months will be busy... despite there being 4 of them (aqua, light blue, dark blue, green). I counted 17 reds. I was consistent with a yellow center on these and had planned to make a black hexagon around each to join them together..... well, 5 years later and nothing so a new plan was needed! I was looking through a quilting book (admit it, you do that at the end of each year too for inspiration!) and saw this one in the Sylvia Bridal Sampler book. Page 36 - so I remember later!

I just need to decide what size background block to make and then cut a slew of them from this nice long piece of black that has been waiting for years to be used with this project.  I'm not sure if I want a finished 5 inch, 5.5 inch, 6 inch or 6.5 inch. I'm thinking finished 6 inch right now.  Just had an idea pop into my head.... Add a hexie on each joined block point.... either quilted in a pretty color or an actual fabric and appliqu├ęd down..... just a thought!

It is so nice having a plan....and built in easy hand work to take with me! I'll have to make sure to pop the flowers into a baggie with the necessary supplies (thread, needle, scissors) so I'll have it ready to grab..... or just leave in the car for car line or appointments.

I took the 17 reds with me on Thursday - bowling, dentist appointment for the kids and waiting to go to the dentist appointment. All 17 got basted and are ready for applique!

This year I am also doing a 'Tiny Tuesday' post each week and it will coordinate with the RSC Challenge. I'm planning to make a little hand applique umbrella block each week this year. This was my first one I made for Tuesday in red. I have not decided if they will all be the same design or not... they have not told me yet!

I'm also back working on the hand quilting of another RSC Challenge quilt - my hand pieced trip around with colorful world which is on my quilting frame. Read my last post for info on that one. This is what it looked like as a top back in 2015 - hand pieced with 2.5 inch squares.

I guess I am moving along a couple of 'old' ones and starting a new one... so far!

We will see what the scrap pile of reds comes up with next week!

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019 on Saturday.  A big thank you to Angela for hosting this fun challenge again this year! Hard to believe this is the 9th year I have participated as I have posts back to the year 2011 for this challenge!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations for sticking with the RSC for 9 YEARS!!!

a good yarn said...

That's a lovely collection of hexie blooms you have there and almost a ready-made quilt for RSC2019.

scraphappy said...

Great plan for the hexies. It will be much easier to work on them as individual blocks rather than trying to join everything to one big quilt on the go. Looks like you have lots of great plans in the works for 2019!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your hexie flowers! It will be fun to see them coming together. It always feels good to me to have some blocks to work on as well as working on quilting another.

Mari said...

Love the hexie idea. I made that sampler way back when and the hexie block turned out great. The 6-inch finished size works great, but if you're putting a hexie at the corners (great idea!) you could measure and make it do that the corner hexies link the hexie blossoms together. Did that make sense? Whatever you decide, it will be awesome!

Kate said...

Love you hexie blocks! You've got some really fun projects to work on this year. Looking forward to seeing all of them come together.

Marti said...

Your hexie blocks are great, and I love your colorful trip around the world too.

Katie Z. said...

You have some tremendously beautiful plans for the year.

Kathy S. said...

Your trip around the colorful world is gorgeous. You are way more productive than me at bowling and the dentist appointments. I think I talk too much. LOL. That's okay. It's still very enjoyable. Can't wait to see all those flowers come together.

gayle said...

Love those little hexie flowers! Appliqueing them is a great idea! (And so portable, too!)
And your trips quilt is gorgeous! I remember you posting about those blocks when you were making them - was it really back in 2015?!? Where does the time go?

Char said...

Wow, lots of hexies. I really like that rainbow trip around!