Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Tiny Tuesday post #1

It's a new year and time for something NEW!

It rains most every day (just for a little bit) for about half the year down here in Florida. You know, that late afternoon shower when the high humid temps from the atlantic hit the ones from the gulf and drop rain on my part of the state to cool it down slightly before all that water gets absorbed into the air and makes it extra hot and sticky.

All of that to let you know I am making cute little umbrellas this year for my tiny tuesday posts. I think I will try a few different applique methods and see what works better for them. I did back basting on this block yesterday and I need practice on it as I have not done it in a while... and forgot about the proper order! I'm also going to go with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month through October and then will fill in with whatever color needs to be added.

In the past I have done Tiny Tuesday posts with Midget Blocks, Midget Applique Blocks, Civil War Diary Blocks.... I took a break but really missed it so I decided to bring it back. If you'd like to join in with your own Tiny Tuesday post, please link up and tell us about your project. None of the above sets of blocks are finished quilts.... I guess I just like to make blocks!

I looked at coloring pages to download but I didn't see any the size I wanted, so while on the phone with Mom yesterday I measured a 5.5 inch square on paper and drew an umbrella based on some photo's I liked. I cut a 6 inch square and drew the umbrella onto the back of my background fabric (remembering to turn the photo over so it would not be backwards.... although some will be turning the opposite way I think). Then I place the underside of the umbrella fabric (yellow this time) facing out on the front of the fabric and from the back did a loose stitch on the line. I used needle turn applique to turn it. Next was the top nobin in yellow, then it should be the handle then the umbrella.... which is not the order I did it in but will next time!

I think it came out cute and goes with the RED RSC color for January. I'll just trim it to 5.5 inches and it will wait for the rest of the 51 at the end of the year. I decided to do it on point... cause I think they will look cute in a final setting that way. Hmmm. I think I will add some blue embroidery to make some 'sections' on this umbrella. The best part is I pulled all these parts from the scrap bins!


Julierose said...

Really cute lil unbrellas--'}}}
We've had tons of rainy days up here in CT; unusual for us..
Winds whipping up today before...yup--more rain coming in...
Hugs Julierose

a good yarn said...

Your tiny blocks are always sweeties and this one is no exception.

Angie said...

Cute umbrella! It's funny - as much rain as we get, I almost never use my umbrella - except when I have to get groceries while it's raining!