Thursday, January 24, 2019

Umbrella Thursday?

It was raining this morning as the cool front went through. Good thing I finished this umbrella last night!

This one is for you Mom! I might cut out and add the circular emblem from this fabric onto the red umbrella part.... maybe.

I also got another 8 yellow hexagon flowers basted last night. I'll have to restock the baggie with purples or blues for today. I have awards ceremonies at school for both kids this morning and then will arrive to bowling a little bit late today...but should be able to bowl game 2+3. Plenty of time to baste a few more of these guys.


Ellen said...

Cute umbrella! We could have used it yesterday. We had ridiculous weather the past week. We had gone from several days of freezing weather and then it fluctuated from -23C (-10F) with snow to 5C (41F) with rain and it all happened pretty much overnight. The rain made the snow very heavy to shovel. :(

a good yarn said...

Attending a World Series game is on my bucket list. Those hexies are too cute.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Deb, I just read your latest posts. I love your projects. I am making little lilies and have Laundry Basket pattern to make umbrellas when I get these guys done. You are busy with the kiddies too. Great stuff.