Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday already?

I picked up the needle with a wide eye I needed on Wednesday after working at the office. I had to kill a few hours before picking up the kids from my sisters. Mom and Dad got to enjoy a full day of peace and quiet with me and the kids both gone! I hit a few stores.... all by myself! I had to walk through the AC Moore - we don't have them in Florida. Not much fabric but tons of other fun craft things. I might have picked up 3 sample Nicole yarns... for a dollar each! The Christmas Tree Shop was fun... and dangerous. Good thing I remembered I need to fly home!

With that needle I was able to finish off the scrubby with the scrubby yarn. It came out pretty cute. I think I can make one more with the yarn so Mom will have one for home and camp. We need to test it out today and see how it works.

One of the things my parents have. A card viewer.
I had asked Aidan to find something he wanted to do close to Elmore...and he found the Noyes House - a historical museum in Morrisville. I figured an hour..... when we walked in the nice lady asked if we wanted a tour. Sure.... 2.5 hours later we left. The kids asked lots of questions (I might have too) and we learned a lot. It was fun seeing all the old furniture (I might have said - Oh, my parents have that a few times) and we had the same victrola they had in the first room at our house! They were surprised we even use it occasionally! The kids loved the room with all the Toby Jugs..... no picture but lots of fun little vases with various pictures or shapes. There was easily over 1000 of them displayed! I saw a hand crank sewing machine in the bedroom.

There was also a treadle machine in one room with a loom and spinning wheel.

A beautiful crazy quilt was displayed with some awesome stitches... forgot to get a photo of that. On the bed was a hand pieced quilt by a 14 or 15 year old bride. The stitches were beautiful and what a complex pattern to hand stitch. It had the bottom corners split to fit around the bottom bed posts.

The kids had fun with the jacobs ladder toy. I wonder if we could make one.....

My sister had taken the kids to Montshire Museum on Wednesday so they have gotten a little learning in while up here! This was the scene when I picked them up Wednesday evening at Terri's. Emily in the hammock and Aidan riding the 4 wheeler with my BIL on the back.

Last night was bingo in the town hall. $1 to get in and 2 cards for a dollar. All monies raised go towards the milfoil fund for the lake association. It is working as I have not seen any milfoil this year in the lake yet! They also had a green and cream quilt on display with raffle tickets for sale!  We had almost a full table of our family - my parents, me and kids, my sister Terri and her 2 kids, sister Joanne and brother Mike and his wife and one kid and her friends came in a little later. The kids enjoyed it... it is a really fun time.

Emily and the graduation girl Sally

They sang 'take me out to the ball game', then a  local song one of the guys wrote who runs it and then just lots of fun times with bingo. Aidan really loved the echo game... when the caller calls it once and we echo the letter and number back to him..... which normally he does. They never called my age when we played the Woo Hoo game..... call out woo hoo when the number is your age! We had a couple of winners at our table - my SIL Kathy and sis Jo each won. I might have won the coverall and got a $25 gift certificate to Bear Pond Books in Montpelier. Guess we will head into Barre on Saturday for the Heritage festival and stop in and spend our gift certificate on the way.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you are having fun! How long are you visiting for - have fun at the festival

Deb A said...

We are. Technically.... I am working while up here although I just decided to take today off to climb a mountain. 2 weeks is our time up here so 6 days left.


great photos and adventures-fun times for sure--
you will all need to come home to get some 'rest'!!!
luv, di

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

You are having just TOO MUCH FUN Deb!!!! Love all the pictures and goodies!