Thursday, July 11, 2019


Someone had a riding lesson today. I didn't have hand work prepped..... so took the knitting.

Emily was riding Smudge today - he is a little faster on his trot than other horses she has ridden!

I used up 4 ends of yarn... 2 of the pinks. The kids said it kinda looks like Neapolitan ice cream... if the blue were brown! These were all bits left of all cotton lily - sugar and cream yarn. Works great for dish cloths..... the dishes won't mind the multi color! The other two leftovers of color and hot pink and lilac =).  I heard Mary Poppins 2 is on Netflix.... might have to watch that tonight with a little binding and a little knitting.

Time to change and then go help the kids put the painters tape up and work on coat 1 of the yellow on a few of the walls in the sewing area - maybe 5 of the 9. There are lots of angles in the rest of the room! Lots of shredding and recycling of 'stuff' this afternoon has made a dent in the mess. 

Well - 3 walls done (good things the floors will be replaced!). My helpers....


  1. so nice you have helpers for your painting...hugs, Julierose

  2. looks like a great family 'outing'!!!
    bet there was some pool fun afterwards???
    new sewing room is looking good--
    luv, di

  3. She sets well on the horse! AND all this cleaning and painting - you will be so happy when all is finished!

  4. Looking good, Em! All hands on deck for the painting party? Sounds like you really know how to paint walls, Deb! LOL