Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Book Club....

I know it is Tuesday... and should be EMD update day.... but hand piecing this little guy was more appealing last night than actually finishing my EMD block.
Evelyn and Jane! Jane needs pressing but she is done and ready to link up on Thursday with the other Book Club Hand Pieced blocks this week over at ElmstreetQuilts and KristinEsser.com. (Thanks Mom for picking up these purple fabrics a few years ago for me! In case they looked familiar to you.)

I did some other hand piecing and prepping yesterday. Block #22 for the Ella Maria Deacon from Sentimental Stitches. I decided to prep each petal and hand piece them together. Now to press them then applique onto the background.

First.... must get my 5 hours of actual work done! I have worked remotely for a former client of mine programming since March of 2016. 
The kids have their school packets printed off and are working on their Day 1 school work. After all the griping.... someone just walked into my office and said with a smirk... it's not that bad.... They ask the questions at the end of each online page....and highlight the paragraph where the answer is! Geez.... they make it too easy for them. That was the boy after MUCH grumbling last night and this morning! The girl sorted through her 42 pages, pulled 3 more answer key's that I missed and said 'Mom, really!'. Then we sorted her core subjects by days. She looked at the 5 math pages - one for each day and rolled her eyes and said, can I just do them all at once since it won't take any time at all? I said sure. She also has iReady math and reading to do online for 45 minutes each this week with other on-line educational sites assigned by her teachers.
We will see how next week works - sounds like K-5 is going to be virtual but I am not sure on the 6th grade since their print out was for 2 weeks of work....... At least both are doing their school work now on their first day back from 'spring break'. 

Our Chinese place was closed on Saturday when I called (was trying to help them out - small family owned) for a while.... so I decided to make Moo Goo Gai Pan last night. I improvised on a few things (had used the mushrooms in beef stroganoff Saturday so used a jar of them and no snow peas - I used carrots, celery and onion with water chestnuts and bamboo shoots and chicken). That with rice got good reviews from everyone last night! I wonder what will be for dinner tonight?


Julierose said...

Love that lavender--funny I am using that color with my teal
wonkified blocks..;))) since we have to be "in" (well sitting outside near our house and solitary walks in neighborhood aside) I decided to do only "fun" sewing and easy chain piecing this morning...nothing too
brain taxing...enough with the stress...hugs, Julierose

The Joyful Quilter said...

Glad to hear the kids are settling into their school work! Hoping that means you will find a bit of quiet time for your own work, Deb. Yay for some stitching time, too!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your purples are so pretty! Love that EMD block, too!