Sunday, March 8, 2020


A day to relax and putter doing some things I enjoy! I need it after a fun filled day with the kids at the local Discovery Center where it was Engineering Day! They built popsicle stick bridges and then tested them to see how much weight they would take before breaking (Aidan was 6kg, Emily was 4kg), an egg drop from the top of a bucket loader to see if their egg would survive (Emily's did but Aidan's did not), and experimenting with water filtration where they filtered some dirty water using common household materials (both got down to the 50 range from over 200). No, the water was not drinkable but they had fun seeing how clear they could get it!

One kid is off to Grandma's. One is home working on creating a book that is due tomorrow (yes, he has had over a month to work on it and we won't mention he gets his procrastination honestly!). Hubby is off to work. That leaves me with a fairly quiet house today to putter!

I'll get a few binding stitches in on the huge trip quilt.

I plan to mark these bits for hand piecing for an old EMD block. I must have nicked that corner when cutting something. Oops. We will see if it needs a fix or not.

I'll also work on finishing my current hand applique one today. I have 2 more other than these to get done to be caught up before the next release. We will see how the week of car line progress goes.

I'd like to get the cat and mouse quilt loaded onto the frame.... but we will see how time goes by today. Linking up with the other Slow Stitchers.

I do have to drive over and pick up Emily from Grandma's tonight.

She has come here with her new addition and we have Buttons the Maltese dog while she runs to the store to get a small crate for her, food and treats. Her owner (MIL's friend) was found in his condo yesterday after the landlord asked for a wellness check since she did not get his rent check on the 1st like normal. Sadly, he was found deceased and had been for a while. Her groomer took the dog right in and got her cleaned up and trimmed, the emergency vet advised her on how to feed her after so long without proper food (guessing over a week at minimum). The kids are keeping an eye on her while Grandma is gone.

A quick trip to the store for me to get some fruits and veggies and dairy and I'm good for the week with a stocked fridge and pantry I should be able to come up with meals this week!  Tomorrow's scouts meeting is being held at the Auntie Annies at the mall where they will learn about proper hand washing and make their own pretzel.... that they get to eat! Next week is spring break so I figured after 2 weeks of fun paining they deserved a treat. We did this as a troop a few years ago and it was requested we do it again as a few have not done it before. Our troop has also sold out of our cookies as of yesterday - Yea! Emily sold off another 25 boxes yesterday afternoon while meatloaf was baking in the oven. She only has 8 boxes not sold ....which will be taken to bowling and I'm sure will disappear. They happen to contain 5 boxes of Samoas... **** which might be my favorite! =)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am so glad I found some girl scout cookies yesterday outside of Wal-Mart - the girls selling were so cute - must have only been about 10 or so. the price went up since the last time I bought :) and I think the boxes got smaller! LOL - I'm not sure when I bought last
You have plenty to stay busy it looks like have a fun day

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

How sad for your MIL to lose her friend that way, but she is sweet to take on that cute little dog! Meanwhile, I hope you get a chance to work on some of your stitching projects today. Your EMD blocks look like they're moving along!

Kim said...

Your huge Trip quilt is a masterpiece. Love all those happy squares. Such a sweet dog; fabulous your MIL can look after him.

CathieJ said...

I love your projects. I hope you can finish that binding and start working on the cat and mouse quilt. Now there is a dog to add to that menagerie. How wonderful that your MIL is taking care of that cute pup.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Your trip quilt really turned out well Your making me wish I had a large one. Looks like your keeping yourself busy with all the projects you have going.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Here's hoping that you had a peaceful afternoon (and that the boy got his project done!!)

Jenny said...

So sad to read about Buttons owner passing away and not being found for a week, what a terrible thing. Luckily the little doggy has a lovely new home and owner now.
Your cat and mouse quilt looks so pretty.