Sunday, March 29, 2020

Slow Sunday

 Today I have a full day .... all by myself! To do whatever my little self wants to! Hubby is headed into work at the grocery store and the kids are being picked up by Grandma for an overnight. (Yes, she is insisting and knowing that neither the kids or her have gone out in the last 2 weeks we will risk it I guess). The tree guy is going over at 8AM tomorrow to take down a tree and she thought the kids would like to see it. Hubby is off work tomorrow so he can pick them up while I am logged into work. The advantage of not being in school - they can just do their school work in the afternoon. Virtual school starts Wednesday for them.

Yesterday Emily wanted a technology free day so I was allowed to link up yesterdays Rainbow Scrap Challenge post then nothing.....the house actually got vacuumed and living room rugs were steam cleaned! Must not let that happen too often! Bathroom cleaned and kitchen cleaned and mopped. (She relented in the afternoon..... her room was spotless and rearranged and she wanted to play on her iPad.) I also got this Ella Maria Deacon block stitched. There is a little bit for the middle left to stitch. I also hope to prep the month 7 blocks today. We are pretending it is a perfect circle =) Use your imagination.

*** Updated and done!

I finally started hand quilting this week. I plan to add a few hours today while watching a few Ms. Maisel episodes. Butterfly's and then cheese triangles in the light teal for the cats and mice to chase!

The crochet got pulled out this week too. Good mindless pattern when you can't concentrate. It works up so pretty too. I have 3 skeins to add to this still.

I'd like to finish off the first row of sheep on Aidan's pillow but that takes concentration. Maybe I will have some in a quiet house today?

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Karrin Hurd said...

Your Ella Maria Deacon block looks pretty great to me!

Chris said...

That block will balance nicely with #24. No one will notice.

Julierose said...

Love that dresden circle..great color choices Enjoy your day...very windy and rainy here...30 mph--guess that coastal storm is coming closer than they predicted...
~ ~ ~ ~ waving from my house to yours, Julierose ;)))


Lots of neat projects getting finished and on the go--
as it seems those kiddies are--and wow--that's alot of cleaning-when are you going to show up here and help me--??
I just found 2 new projects today to keep me busy and cut out a new one yesterday--so no time for me to be cleaning!!
have an awesome day--
luv, di
we really really need some rain here --

Kim said...

Your Ella Maria Deacon block is pretty. Love those blues. Enjoy your stitching in your spring-cleaned home.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your daughter cracks me up! We should all have such a taskmaster! Your EMD block is so pretty - it definitely looks very round to me. :) Glad you had a day to do whatever you want and hope you enjoyed every minute!