Monday, November 23, 2020


Well, I did refold and organize one whole shelf in the sewing area yesterday.... and I made a bowl cozy! I need to make another and work on my sewing skills. Maybe change the thread too! I did break a needle so I have a fresh one in for the mystery on Friday now. Greg tested this one out and says it works great! I admit, we use the one we have a lot and it needs a good wash more than what I give it so having another couple in the house will come in handy. No burned fingers when pulling the bowl out of the microwave when you use these!

I did get some slow stitching in yesterday. I finished off the second block and also hand quilted the third as well. 6 more blocks to go before I tackle the sashing and cornerstones.

 Kids have dental cleanings this afternoon... very overdue as they were originally scheduled in March when things got shut down. They are off this week so I figured it was a good time to get it done. I had my physical follow up this morning. The good news is I am down 16 pounds from last year. The numbers are borderline right before pre-diabetic again this year (hey - it didn't go up or over so that was good!)  so I am hoping another 10 pounds will help that number go down for next year and get me out of the danger zone. Cholesterol is still slightly high, sigh. Darn genetics. All in all, pretty healthy so I will keep at it.

Grandma is coming over for Thanksgiving with Papa Andy. Need to see if Grandpa Tom is planning to come over or not. We see Grandma every week since the kids go over on Sundays.... her house is kinda linked to ours as a 'household'! Aidan requested her yams with the sauce and marshmallow on top, Em wants my Mom's orange salad this year instead of Grandma's heavenly hash (similar but a little different). We'll have her pick up the potato rolls from Publix as well and a pie. I've got the turkey, stuffing, potato and gravy with various pickles and olives. I'm opting out of cranberry sauce since no one eats it.... but I do have a can if someone insists. Way too much food for 6-7 people but oh well. Want to take bets on if she will bring appetizers or not? I'm tying to not have them. I made Taco Salad for Em on Saturday and did a cheeseball for the household on Friday so they can get their munching in other than on the one day. I hear the kids want to make macaroons, since the chickens are laying eggs now. We will see if they try that today or tomorrow..... I have requested the car get a total cleaning inside and out as well this week. Wonder how many times I'll need to 'remind' them on that one?



Julierose said...

Your hand quilting is looking so wonderful, Deb!!

We will be just us two so having a chicken (heresy I know!!) instead of a big turkey...[Shh don't tell the girls ;))) ] on Thanksgiving.

I finished machine quilting the two butterfly minis and now I will be trimming up and making binding for them...Need to get them mailed for Christmas before the big rush...hoping next week.

I also have that big Zig Zag quilt for my SIL --how did you mail your large quilts: UPS? USPS? or Fed-X? That also needs a label and to be mailed out...
But the rest of Christmas will be cards with checks in the easier this year...
Hugs from afar, stay safe julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it will be just the two of us here for Thanksgiving and a roast bone in turkey breast which gives it room for stuffing.. That was good news for your weight going down - I got my cholesterol down by low fat dairy products and cutting back on red meat. I also gave up butter for margarine(or none) and cut way back on cheese. Hubby I told you awhile back was diagnosed with type 2 diabetics and barely does anything to correct it - I hope you continue to have progress there.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good luck with the small meal for Thanksgiving, Deb! My MIL always insists on making appetizers and extra sides. Congrats on your progress in the sewing room and on the quilting! We have a few of those bowl cozies... LOVE!!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your bowl cozy looks great! They are really nice to have - we could use another one, too. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds yummy! I would enjoy more sides (like we used to have when we got together with Mike's huge family years ago), but we are only two this year, so it will be a much smaller meal. Congratulations on your success with your weight! Another reason to try for a smaller meal.