Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tiny Tuesday.....

Today I made the block they called Auld Lang Syne. It went together very quickly which was good because as I was sewing the last bit I heard the kids starting to act up in the other room!

Bike ride for the morning is done. Banana chip muffins baked and eaten for breakfast. Banana bars are cooked and waiting for frosting this afternoon. Time to eat lunch and then a little pool time before the rain starts this afternoon. It will either be picking up their rooms (if we do it today I don't have to do it on a kid free day tomorrow) or going bowling. I do wonder which task will win?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Slow stitching Sunday....

Kathy reminds us to slow down and enjoy some slow stitching on Sundays. Last Sunday I decided to work on the binding and got this lovely finish you can see here.This week I think I will stitch these rows of hexagon flowers onto the quilt. I have the other white ones completed for the other side I just need to prep some white connector hexagons to sew them together.

The other task this week once those hexies are added will be to do some appliqué on this. I'd like to have that done by the end of this week so I can link it up as a completed task on my list over at Kathi's blog.

I've done really well on my task list for this month. The only thing I have not touched is the hand quilting on the T's.... maybe that will get pulled out later this week for some hand stitching out on the back patio. A little progress is better than no progress.

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what other slow stitching is happening around the world today.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday in RED....

I got a lot of red sewing done on Wednesday while Grandma had the kids for the day. I cut and sewed all twelve of my churn dash blocks.

I prepped more of my red hexagons for flowers and managed to get them done this week.

I made a Wonky star sampler.

This is the status of my little project this month.

Head on over to SoScrappy and see a lot of pretty projects in red. I think I'll just be sewing the little bits into some crumb blocks this next week and cutting a few 2.5 and 2 inch strips for the piles I am growing this year. They sure did come in handy for the blue stars above.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A finish!

I finally finished the binding on my log cabin quilt on Sunday evening. I just went outside this morning and took a few pictures. This measures 82.5 x 82.5 after quilting and binding and washing.
Now to convince hubby I want holes into the wall so I can hang this puppy up on the huge wall that the kitchen and living room share. That will be Monday's project.

My first attempt at machine quilting feathers on my little domestic machine. All free hand. One must start somewhere.

I outlined the blue with a walking foot and did feathers in the cream logs. The border has a wavy line on the tan made with the walking foot and there are swirly circles in the outer blue border made from a template and a marking pencil. Then I free motion quilted them. I had this on me the other night in my recliner and both cats were curled up on it - one at my feet (Sophie - or the white one as my parents call her) and Maxie was on my lap/belly all curled up (the black and white one). It is cat approved!

Miss Emily loves pancakes and I make a puff pancake from this recipe. This is the second one I have made this week..... being on Atkins this week with my hubby means she will get this for the next few days for breakfast since I can't have any. Willpower is a good thing! After my two weeks (hey - down 4 full pounds since Monday morning!!) I am looking forward to trying this recipe out for sweet crepes. They look sooooo yummy. Time for a shower after the yard work this morning. A quick lunch for me and the kids and then it is bowling time this afternoon. I see the pool being exercised later this afternoon before dinner. Speaking of which... I'd better pull something out of the freezer for dinner!

Mom is home to camp as of yesterday afternoon and is doing ok. This is a picture for her of the fountain Greg added to the pool last week. Adds a nice sound as I am sitting out on the back patio. I was hand stitching some hexagon flowers in red while the kids were splashing in the pool last night.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I was working on yesterday during the rain and no kids day.....

I got a ton of stuff done in the sewing room. Nope - I did not tidy up and put things away, I did not file all the business and personal stacks of paper, I did not clean the house..... I sewed!

I prepped and sewed my 12 red churn dashes which I will show on Saturday. I prepped a bunch of red hexagons and managed to make a bunch of them last night - also will show on Saturday. Got the wonky star done for the RSC.... although I need to rip and make the middle the correct size. I did mine 4.5 inches instead of 3.5 inches. A wee bit too big!

What I will show...... nine of the star blocks in red and blue are completed! Each will be 8 inches finished so this will be a smallish quilt. Now the decision - do I make more of them or keep it small? No real plan for this quilt other than to have a 'neutral' baby quilt on hand. It will have sashing with yellow cornerstones and I think I might make that cornerstone into a pinwheel or star for the four middle ones. I can see a pieced border of some kind..... either a ribbon, flying geese or diamond?Maybe prairie points of red and blue on a cream solid as one border to make it a 3D quilt? As you can tell, it is still a work in progress. I'm not sure I like the blue check print in the middle row...... it might have to change but then again...this is a scrappy quilt....

While I was doing that Mom was in surgery up in Vermont. It was a planned surgery with a 3 month recovery time of no lifting. All went well and she should be heading home sometime today to recover at the camp overlooking the lake. Wishing her a speedy recovery and remembering to take it easy even if you start feeling better in a week or two! We want you back to 100% by December so I can cook up a storm for you in your kitchen and you'll enjoy eating it.
This will be her view while recovering.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tiny Tuesday....

I just got a few minutes in the sewing room thanks to a crack of thunder in the distance that put off the pool time for a bit today. It has been 30 minutes since we heard that.... so I think it is pool time!
I was able to sew up these two blocks - Hospital and  A Beautiful Picture. Each little hst is 2 inches unfinished to make a 6.5 inch block.

Does anyone have any hints on how to hang a double size quilt with warm and natural batting? I think the log cabin is 86x86 (I need to measure it) and is finished and out of the dryer. Time for a photo shoot this afternoon and then a post tomorrow. I need to figure out how to get it hung on the big open wall in the kitchen/living room. I have two quilt holders from Joann's but I don't think they will hold all that weight. Any ideas on how to hang this would be welcome.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday.....

It has been another busy day today but I got to sleep in until 8AM! It was soooooo nice!
After a few sips of coffee it was time to take Buddy for a walk. He got a good one in with the kids riding their bikes. (45-50 minutes) Greg made us omelets for breakfast and then Em and I made a pillowcase for her friend Mackenzie's birthday party this afternoon. Grandpa came over for a little visit mid morning and then it was time to head and get Aidan a bike and both kids some new crayons, construction paper and glue sticks. Back home for a quick lunch and shower and then off to a birthday party for a couple of hours. Em is now using her brothers old bike to learn to ride without training wheels. She has good balance so should get it pretty quick. Dad didn't have to run too much with her and she was riding a bit before falling off in the back yard. A little weeding of some overgrown beds, a quick dinner, running around with some sparklers in the back yard and now bath time for the kids.
We'll do some reading (maybe a quick walk for Buddy and me) and tuck them into bed in  a bit and then I get to sit back and relax with some slow stitching.
I have three options tonight... I wonder which one will win?

First up - binding on the log cabin quilt. I have two more sides to go.

Second option is some more of these hexagon flowers... I have a whole pile prepped for some hand stitching. I got these six plus two reds done last night.

Third option - some appliqué. I prepped the June block for the Century Quilt earlier this week. I just need to stitch down two more of the stems, glue the leaves and circles down and stitch them and then that middle flower.

I think I'll have to toss a couple of coins to decide what I'll work on. Head on over to Kathy's Quilts to see some wonderful stitching projects being worked on today.