Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday May 24.... Last day of school

Today is the last day of school for my kids. They will be in 5th and 4th grade next year! Yikes... how the time does fly! This is the photo before I dropped them to school this morning as 3rd and 4th graders.

I decided to lay out my hearts and nine patches today.. and only got a little help. Looks like I need one more white background square cut out if I decide to put the hearts in the corners.....
Nine patches on the edges.

hearts on the edges.

Here Mom, let us help you rearrange the blocks.... really it will be fun! Said Ollie and Peanut.

I am scheduled to have a girl scout prep meeting this afternoon at my house... but we will see if either co-leader remembers! Grandma is taking the kids this afternoon and keeping them overnight. She will return them tomorrow a little after lunch...Emily has her horse riding lesson tomorrow afternoon.
I suppose I have to go get the little monsters one last time this school year.  Will grab a heart and my purse pouch with my silk thread, needles and little scissors for my last car line wait this year.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hands2Help 2018 Finish

In the nick of time (did I mention I am a master of procrastination?) I got my scrappy churn dash quilt finished and now washed and ready to mail off to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids this week.
Just in time for the link up at Confessions of a Fabric Addict! The Scrappy churn dash finished off at 50x60 with a snuggly light blue flannel checked backing and a medium blue binding.

In going through some little quilts I had in my hope chest.. I think these will also be sent along to make some little one smile.

This one was a fun panel of the alphabet animals that was finished off with a teal backing and black dot binding. The quilting was a fun swirl and loops with stars around the blocks.

This was a triangle pack I had from ages ago and finally finished it off and got it into a quilt last year. It has been sitting waiting and I think this is the correct home for it. It has a yellow and blue flowery print on the back - good for snuggling.

Head on over and see all the wonderful quilts that were made and donated this year to various charities. Thanks so much to Sarah for hosting this fun event. I look forward to next year..... I still have a stack of churn dashes waiting to make it into a quilt!

I also did a heart today... for my one heart a day in the month of may challenge. Yesterday's post had all my hearts so far this month.

This morning was busy at the kids school for their end of year awards ceremony. Both grades were this morning at 8 and 9:15 so we were at school for a couple of hours. Grandma, their Dad and I all attended and it was  a full house for both classes. Hard to believe they are off for the summer as of Tomorrow a little after Noon! At least this year they only have the last day as a half day of school ..... instead of the whole last week like they did last year.
Emily in her pink dress got AB honor roll and the Math award for her class.

Aidan got All A honor roll, Award of Excellence and a pin, Writing and Art awards for his class.

I'm off to mail off the box of quilts and then pick up some breakfast goodie to send into Emily's class tomorrow. They are having brunch all morning in her class.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday May 22

We only have a little over a week left in this heart a day challenge! So many pretty hearts are popping up, I thank all of you who decided to take the challenge and play along.

I took some time on Sunday and got all my connector blocks completed and pressed. I decided today was a good day to lay them all out again and see how it is coming along. Oops... guess I made 32 connector blocks... so I can keep them like this or swap the hearts and connector blocks! Peanut decided to 'help' so I didn't play with them.... he was doing enough of that already!

The baby 5 inch squares are coming along well too.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday - last week of school!

No, I am not excited to have the kids out of school. It will be interesting but they should be able to entertain themselves while I work in the mornings from home this summer. They only have one week scheduled for Camp Invention and the 2.5 weeks when I take them up to VT.
 I did a bright sunny yellow today... since we just have dreary clouds and rain again today. Looks like another full week of rain.

A few baby hearts got sewn yesterday afternoon while it rained as well. I kept getting knocked off work so it was a movie and stitching day instead.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Dreary Sunday....

It looks like it wants to rain never did yesterday but I'm sure we will not be so lucky today. I did make a pink heart on Saturday... then was working on a deep clean of the kitchen and living room and bedroom yesterday. Remind me to get a smaller house next time! Dining room.... well, would be today but I need to make up hours at work so it will be a working day today.

A Purple heart for Sunday and some more hand quilting onto the maroon dresden will happen at some point today. I hear Grandma wants to try the new Mexican restaurant tonight so we will head over and meet there and get the kids so she doesn't have to drive them to us in the rain.

Linking up with the Sunday slow Stitchers

Here is the linkup if you are making hearts with me this month!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday May 18

A little late today. I was helping out at field days (outdoor games) today at school. The first set 8:30-10:30 was fine for K-2. I had an hour lunch and then the big kids (3-5)..... got rained out in the third cycle so about 30 minutes into their 2 hours. They went inside for a movie or back to the gifted class (Aidan and some others in his class) to continue their year end party today and prep for their student led conference with parents next week after school.

As long as I remember today is Friday and not Thursday I'll remember to take Emily to horse riding today... although I doubt she'll let me forget! I did forget to put something in the crock pot this morning... and horses are at 4:30 for an hour... 30 minutes from home,  so .... we will see what they do with leftover roaster chicken for dinner. Aidan wants to make his into a caesar wrap like Subway has. Not sure what the rest of us will do... mine will go onto a salad I think.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Texas. When will the violence end?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17 - heart.

Here is my heart for the day.

Peanut decided to eat the heart!