Sunday, February 26, 2017

Slow down Sunday

I have been doing a little slow stitching this week. I have gotten these finished off with their peels last night while watching the last episode of Downtown Abbey in a quiet house while the others were at Aidan's Blue and Gold ceremony.

That means I can start on the next one - this is my last block from the December bunch. I need to cut out my fabrics so I can begin back basting. I think the flower will be the medium purple, with the dark purple center and green little peels on the edges.
 For now... I started the cross hatching in the back of the purple dresden plate. I drew the lines light with a pencil earlier this week. Once this one is done.... I really need to start on the light blue one.

Of course.... this box arrived this week. I have yet to open it. That might happen today... although I have been told to take it easy and not overdo. Sounds like a perfect day to slow stitch away. Does anyone have this frame and if so, did you stain it before putting it together? I am debating.... I think I will keep it unfinished and hope the hot and humid down here in Florida doesn't warp it. It will stay inside in the AC so I think it will be fine. My big 90x90 hand pieced trip around the world will be it's first customer.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

RSC in Teal....

Good thing the month is not done... I still would like to make some friendship stars in teal. I also need to finish sewing the 2015 RSC quilt into 3 sections.... I have the middle section in rows so a little progress was made.

But.... woke up with a head cold on Thursday and morphed into a flu like 12 hour thing yesterday afternoon. Not much energy today... so I missed cooking club last night and my BOLT training weekend at girl scouts today and tomorrow. I was asked if I would do Aidan's blue and gold tonight... I would love to but... I don't want to make anyone sick so I'll stay home and slow stitch to a downtown abbey episode I think. Maybe I'll finally finish the cross hatch on the purple dresden so I can start that light blue one!

I did get a little sewing in this week - I got 12 bow ties made in teals/aqua to go with the 12 purple ones. These will finish at 4 inches.

I also found a couple of oops blocks from last year... and made them into a 12.5 inch block to go with the purple diamond one from last month. I seem to be finding small blocks in each color so I think this will be a very unique quilt of 12 blocks when done.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday

OK, I have laid out this quilt quite a few times over the last 2 years... and yet I just noticed one connector block was sewed wrong yesterday! So glad I caught it before I sewed it together. Yup, the missing area is the oops block. I do love how the border connects the chains. This was the 2015 RSC Challenge Quilt that is available on Angela's blog under her 2015 sampler tab.

I made great progress yesterday cutting and making all my border parts. I was 3 4.5x12.5 strips short on my background fabric.... so I found another similar and am calling it good enough.
This quilt is too big to completely lay out (except in the living room but someone was in there) so here is all but the last 2 rows and border.

Hopefully I can sew a few of these together today. Today the kids are off from school for Presidents Day. Emily is at Grandma's for an over night and will be returned this afternoon so she can go to scouts tonight. Aidan has his first guitar lesson tonight while we are at scouts. I hope to get Aidan in the garden with me today - we need to weed and plant a few more things..... like the seeds he got for his birthday from Uncle David and Aunt Donna. We have radishes coming up Mom.... sure you don't want to head down in a month and have some?

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday binding and appliqué......

My slow stitching last night was hand stitching a binding finish!  I started free motion quilting it last week but it was not going well.  I think the machine needs a spa day for cleaning. I pulled that all out and just did a walking foot wiggle on it Saturday. While Emily was playing with her half square triangles.... I was able to make the blue binding and press it. I quickly attached it  after baths and reading last night. Since this is a little quilt (43x33) I was able to finish the hand stitching of the binding last night.

That leaves some appliqué for today's slow stitching. I have two more blocks prepped for the 1857 quilt.

A few mice are back basted and ready for needle turn applique.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday at the RSC in Teal....

I got a little play time in this week in teal. I made up a couple of 16 patch blocks and a few bow ties got sewn in between.

I did get the cats all sewn together and started working on the border mice..... 2 are finished and another 3 are in process.

I'm linking up with the RSC Challenge. Head on over and see what fun things are popping up in teal.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A mouse in the house......

Mouse after detail 
Good thing it is a fabric mouse! My mouse is a free pdf that I printed off and traced onto the back of my fabric for back basting. I basted it and then turned it yesterday while waiting in a car line.... I went early since it was looking like rain and that usually means one line instead of 2. I added some details to it today in the car line again. Not too bad for my first attempt at detail.. using the supplies I had in the sewing room. One strand of DMC embroidery floss in a grey and brown for the face. One down.... and either 11 or 13 to go! I was thinking 3 mice on each side..... but I cut the block 6.5 x 8.5 to match the 8.5 cat block... so two sides might get 4 mice instead of 3.....

Mouse before detail.

Must go trace some more out. Free Play at soccer tonight - both kids are signed up for the spring session already and of course...have grown out of their cleats from last fall. First though, Aidan has an orthodontist appointment.... so soft food for him tonight after practice. Tomorrow is the first girl scout cookie booth! I almost have all Emily's Pre-order cookies delivered - just 3 orders for bowling on Saturday morning and one to Papa A Saturday afternoon. Mom's will get shipped up with her birthday present sometime in the next week or two =).

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ut oh... what did I just do?

I have been avoiding pin basting my hand pieced trip around the world quilt cause it is so darn big... 90x90. I have been thinking of getting a frame or making one...... and I caved. I just ordered this Grace EZ3 frame and am also getting the cloths for pinning to and the side clip attachments. The quilt is so happy now that it has a start date in sight!

I really, really hope this works out well for me. Should I warn the rest of the house this is coming? Nope, I didn't think so either =)