Sunday, December 4, 2016

A resting day...

It seems I have been go, go go for quite a few months now. Well, today is finally my day to play with the sewing machine, needle and thread all day! Ok, I should be picking up the sewing area and office.... but I think it will be a sewing day.

After a quick shower and 10 minute of picking up the living and dining room I will head off to the sewing area and start sewing this baby quilt together! Baby R is due on the 13th and I still have not got it to a top stage! That should be remedied by this afternoon.

picture laid out before the cats got in there.
what I am starting with today!
I see a movie in my future this afternoon where I can happily slow stitch on something.... probably the little orange peel doll quilt

or adding the dark purple peels to the corner of my latest 1857 block finish

or maybe a few stars will get hand pieced? So that's where the binding clips went to!

We will see what appeals when the time comes. So nice to have options.
Greg has taken Aidan to Grandma's and the house is now quiet. Emily was with Grandma yesterday (who took her to bowling as I had a craft show for Avon yesterday and Greg and Aidan had scouts) and kept her for the night. Our elf landed in Santa's sleigh by the Christmas tree this morning, silly elf. After watching Polar Express with Aidan yesterday I think the elf got some ideas....

Linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. Grab a needle and thread or yarn and hook and head on over and see what wonderful creations are popping up over the globe. Also linking up to the RSC Challenge..... heck it is a rainbow of a baby quilt using scraps and those peels on the doll quilt were done with the challenge a few years ago!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy 80th Birthday to my Dad!

It has been a bit since the last post and not much stitching has gone on. Just wanted to wish my Dad a Very Happy 80th Birthday today! So glad he is down here with us to celebrate. We will be taking him out to dinner this evening before they fly home tomorrow to a very cold and wet (ice today) Vermont.

Don't you buckle in your bears when you have them in the car? Aidan did earlier this week.

I got a little hand stitching in while my parents were visiting with my uncle and aunt on Saturday before they went out for a birthday dinner. Gee, Dad sure is getting a lot of birthday dinners in this week!

Sophie under the tree - on a quilt of course!

Max hiding under the quilt rack checking out the tree. Can't wait to climb that.. thanks for bringing it inside!

This was my hand work in the car today while waiting on the kids. I took out one of the 1857 blocks and made a little progress. Back basted 4 of the peels so just need to trim and turn them later.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are very blessed today to share the holiday with all the kids grandparents.  May you all enjoy your holiday and be safe if you are traveling.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hand quilting.....on a Sunday.

I finally started hand quilting the little doll quilt. Leftover orange peels, leftover batting and some cotton flannel for a snuggly backing. Love seeing the stitches get smaller the more I hand quilt.

Linking up with the RSC Challenge as I made these peels during that challenge a few years ago, Slow Sunday stitching and Oh Scrap.

I hope to surf and comment on Tuesday... when the new charger for my mac arrives in the mail. After 6 years the other one finally stopped working so I'll be hand quilting while waiting for the new one to arrive =)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's a trunk show!

After reading Joann's blog over at and an encouraging e-mail from her I decided to join the fun over at and join in on the on-line trunk show!

It is a very difficult decision to pick out some favorite quilts..... so I asked my family.

Hubby chose his quilt =). He loves the earth tone colors and after collecting green and brown fabrics for this quilt while pregnant with our first child, silly me was thinking I could quickly sew this together in the last few months of my pregnancy and get it quilted while working full time! Yup, I was nuts. He got it before that child turned 1.....a year after I started it. (and 4 months before baby #2 arrived). This is from the Nickel Quilts book from Pat Speth.

He also likes Celtic Solstice - a Bonnie Hunter Mystery I made a few years ago. I think the colors just sparkle in this one.

I then asked my son his favorite. He chose this little wall hanging which was a scrap challenge sew along that I machine quilted with my walking foot. He said he loves the colors in this quilt.

My daughter Emily selected the quilt I knew she would. Her sailboat quilt. This one has to cover her first at night when we tuck her into bed. She loves the feel of it. These blocks were some that I won from my quilt guild up in Vermont when she was a baby.

Now my favorites. This is extremely difficult since I have been quilting since 1992 .... that is over 24 years of quilts... and I was quite productive for quite a few of those years!

I love this scrap basket quilt design by Kim Brackett I believe- another one where I won some of the blocks from my guild and then made a bunch more and put it together. I machine quilted this and just love it. It reminds me of some wonderful ladies in the guild up in Vermont.

My next choice is my Hugs and Kisses Quilt. I hand appliquéd the orange peels with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge a few years ago. I had a brainstorm on the name and how to set them half way through making them... one color a month. I guess you could say I designed this, as the setting and border I came up with as I went. I actually hand quilted this one and love the softness of it. This one resides on the back of the couch and I actually took a nap under it on Sunday afternoon.

Another favorite is a quilt I made as a mystery one just for me while I was pregnant with my daughter. She decided to be a week late and I was actually able to finish this one before she was born (the little stinker - she still has a mind of her own at age 7!) The colors are my favorites - blue, green, purple and yellow to add a nice sunny pop of color. The mystery was run from Yankee Pride Quilt Shop in Essex Jct, VT. My first time quilting with batiks.

See, I told you this is difficult..... I have to throw in one more that I finished off last year as a wedding present for my nephew. Another quilt I made with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge by just making blocks in one color per month for a year. This is my Birds in the Air quilt.  I picked the block because I wanted to stretch my skills and this one looked so hard to make! I am pretty darn good at them now..... and have almost enough of them made for a second quilt for me, only mine will be full size and hand quilted eventually! This one was machine quilted with squiggly lines on my domestic machine.

Ok, one more.... my apple wall hanging. Another one with the RSC on a red month. I used a coloring books the kids had for the apple and hand appliquéd them down in the car line while waiting to pick up the kids. The little squares got sewn together very scrappy for the alternate 9 patch block and I hand quilted this one. It hangs in the dining room for the months of August and September.

Well shoot.... how did I forget my Lori Smith quilt along? I finally finished this one a few months ago and will have it hanging officially in my home office by the end of next week. I made each of these blocks using some Kansas Troubles fabrics I got at VQF back when I lived in Vermont and I think before kids or right around when Aidan was a baby. Each 12 inch block was hand quilted (car lines again) and was my first attempt at quilt as you go this year. It was a great process once I got it started and can see making other quilts this way.

Darn it.... I sold this one this year and am kicking myself cause I miss it. Guess I'll just have to dump out all the blues and creams into piles and make another one soon - my scrappy and wonky log cabin. Just grab a piece of fabric (not cut to specifics) and sew it on until it reaches the size I wanted. Square it up and you get a very pretty quilt. I attempted my first machine quilted feathers in the cream sections.

I'd add more... but I have quite a few that are tops and not finished ... and this is a trunk show of finished quilts. Maybe I'll have them done for next year's show!

Head back to the link up and check out the other on-line trunk shows... but first grab a cup of your favorite drink as the eye candy will have you in awe.


I  missed a Tiny Tuesday or Starry Wednesday post this week. Better late then never!

I seem to have been playing cookie jam in the car line and it is cutting into my stitching time! I did get the white onto 2 stars and will get the other one finished at bowling this morning.

I also got a little sewing and ironing time in this week (finally!) and have all the blocks sewn for the baby quilt. Just need to iron the yellow, orange and green and then play with setting them so I can get it into a top stage this weekend.

 A little ray of sunshine got picked this week - Aidan's sunflower. 

There is another in bloom in the garden and about 10 others that will bloom soon. We have been picking green beans, had some of Aidan's summer squash and Mom..... There are a couple of cucumbers almost ready to pick! Weeding is on tap for the afternoon since I got the house picked up and vacuumed yesterday. Outside work today.

I also have a post written for an on-line trunk show... but need to photograph a bunch of quilts for that post. Hopefully that will get done this afternoon and I can post it tomorrow!
Happy Thursday everyone!

Oh and if you are looking for something to sew..... there is a Scrap Dance Waltz Quilt along over at From my Carolina Home and of course the Bonnie Hunter Mystery starts the day after Thanksgiving. I could see a pretty blue and white quilt for the scrap dance waltz and love the colors of Bonnie's quilt this year - purple, green and yellow. Alas.... I have way too many in process things but will be saving off the steps for the future =).

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Kathy reminded us today to always try new things without fear. I think that is great advise and use that with my girl scouts to get them to try new things. I tell them you may or may not like something (food, activity, etc) and that is ok, but if you don't try you will never know!

It has been a busy time for me the last couple of days. We officially sold our store on Friday afternoon. Friday evening we did a family cub scout campout - first time in a tent overnight for Aidan. He stayed there for the day doing scouting things with his Dad - learning knots, crafts, badges, etc. Emily and I headed to her bowling, a quick lunch and then picked up the girl scout nut and candy orders for our troop. A quick trip home to unload that, try for a nap (foiled as the boys got home at 3 and interrupted my 1 hour nap) and then reload the car for Emily and my girl scout camp out at the drive in. We had a seasoned camper and her Mom (brothers in scouting) and another first time in a tent camper with us for the night. The girls had a great time watching Trolls, playing in the arcade, making s'mores, playing games with other girls scouts and watching ice age. After the wake up announcement, it was breakfast (they provided a great hot breakfast for us - eggs, sausage, biscuit and hash browns) then breaking camp. It was great to see the girls hang out together and enjoy their time together. They will all see each other at another of our troops birthday party in a couple of hours. 

I figured I would be napping this afternoon but I actually got some sleep last night. Instead I will try and do a little  sewing  on the baby quilt and then prep this little one for hand quilting and start putting some hand stitches into it.

This is from leftover orange peels from the hugs and kisses quilt and will become a doll quilt for Emily. It is 24x27... just the right size for her Jessie doll. But first lets check and make sure it is big enough for her to snuggle.

I think it will work. Once this is done I should be able to pin the trip around the world quilt for hand quilting.

Head on over to Slow Sunday Stitching and see what other hand work is being relaxed with this weekend.