Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One whole week!

One whole week with no post and one more week of school and the kids are off for the summer. Yikes! Where has the time gone this year?

I have been avoiding the sewing room... since I have been trying to avoid some quilting. But... it needs to get done so today is the day to start. I have three stars outlined on the Hunter Star quilt... and lots to go. So if you hear a lot of muttering today and tomorrow - that is me pulling and tugging the twin size quilt around and under my little sewing machine.

Yesterday was spent attending an awards ceremony at school. Aidan made all E honor roll (exceeds expectation) and was awarded the Golden Bear award for the male in his classroom by his teacher. Quite an honor. Tomorrow night is Emily's bridging ceremony to 1st grade.... and we will be missing the kids soccer awards ceremony to attend the school function. Yesterday after awards and then a quick shopping trip I got wrapped up in resting with lots of water while watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. Too much sun Monday and not enough liquids although it seemed like I was drinking enough water. The Florida sun and humidity does not mix well with me! I started watching Greys last week and I'm almost through season 2. I swear - it is addicting and I really need to go to sleep before midnight tonight =). Time to take the garbage and recycling out and then back to tugging and pulling that quilt under the machine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Busy, busy, busy....

Mom called me today to check on me..... something about not posting on Tuesday or today. I have the Tiny Tuesday appliqué prepped but have not started it so no post.
 It has been a busy week. Normal girl/boy scouts on Monday with the last soccer practice last night and their last game Thursday. I'm swapping with their Dad at work on Thursday so he can see them play again this week. I hope to work on the appliqué in the down time on Thursday at the store... if there is downtime. They had their scholastic book fair at school and after helping Aidan's class pick their books Monday morning it seemed like they needed a little help with volunteers. I went back in for a few hours Monday around lunchtime, a couple of hours Tuesday and all morning today and helped pack it up. As I was leaving.... Aidan was headed to lunch so I got to have lunch with him. Ok - I asked him if he wanted to eat lunch with me or his friends... he was thinking and his teacher just looked at him and said 'I can't believe you have to think about that!'. Yes, he decided to eat lunch with me. =)

I ran a couple of errands  and then I picked the kiddo's up at school. I did manage to pin the Hunter Star quilt yesterday morning and made this RSC Sampler block. I selected and cut the next three rows for the Trip Around the World block as well.

I love the double pinwheel - it would make a great scrappy quilt..... but I have to really finish off some of my tops into quilts before I start anything new. Here is all the RSC Sampler 2015 blocks so far this year.

Hopefully I can get a start on quilting the Hunter Star on Friday despite the kids being off school that day. I am thinking of outlining the stars.... we'll see how much trouble that becomes on my little machine! I hope to finish off the quilting Monday and get it bound and shipped off by the end of next week.
I'll link this post up on Saturday morning with The RSC Challenge. The next two tops that need to get quilted are from the 2014 RSC Challenge - churn dash and the 16 patch stars. After those are quilted..... maybe I can play with some pinwheels =)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow Sunday stitching.....

After a trip to Tampa yesterday afternoon to see a night show of Disney's Frozen on Ice with Ms. Emily and her Daisy troop, I plan to settle in with some slow stitching this evening. First I have to do a short day at work but then I plan to settle in with some binding on the Celtic Solstice quilt this evening.
Zonked out on the ride to Tampa after a morning of pool time with Grandma H. Yes Mom, I was stopped at a stop light when I took this!

Celtic Solstice - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Fall 2013

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what others are working on today.

Friday, May 15, 2015

RSC in Green....

I got a little sewing time in this morning and was able to make my Dresden plate in dark green. Sorry the photo's are all washed out. They are more vibrant in person.

I cut the rest of these scraps into strips last week. They are sitting in piles of 1.5,2 and 2.5 on the edge of my ironing surface. I pulled a few of the 2.5 inch strips and cut them into 12.5 inch strips. I sewed them together and now have a front for a place mat. I had a bunch of 5 inch squares of light greens left over from Greg's quilt.....7 years ago! I sewed a few of them together and have a backing. I should be able to finish this one off tomorrow before I start quilting the Hunter Star graduation quilt on Saturday. It will be a nice little practice piece for that.

I've also made progress on the trip around the world block. I need to prep some more squares starting with a white round so I can finish this one off in the car line next week.

I just got back from helping Emily's class select their books from the scholastic book fair. It was fun watching them search for books. When I got home I picked a few things for my lunch - lettuce, cherry tomato's, a scallion and a small cucumber! I added some cheese, ham and turkey then made a new to me Italian dressing a la Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman. Very yummy. I know what I'm having for lunches the next few days!

Head on over Saturday morning and see what other green scraps are being used up this week. I hear thunder..... so I'd better go cut and draw lines on some white squares for the car line today. One line pick up when it rains means if I get there at 1:30 for the 2:05 pick up I am just inside the fence and not out on the road waiting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday - leader and ender sewing....

While sewing the Hunters Star quilt together I have a  basket of 2 inch squares next to the sewing machine. Here and there I put two together and then make a four patch. I had a little pile of four patches so I started putting them together. The thinking is a very scrappy Irish chain quilt.... as a very long term project. The middle square on each of the outside rows is a 'light'. Hopefully it will show up OK in the final quilt.... if not..... oh well, it will be a very scrap happy quilt.

This is the Hunter Star quilt assembled as a top. The points all match - hooray! It fits well on Emily's twin size bed so I don't think I'll make it bigger with borders. The 64x80 size will have to do for Alex's graduation quilt. Now to find backing fabric tomorrow and pin on Friday and start quilting it Saturday.

Time for lunch, then garbage and recycle run and then I suppose I should run the vacuum around the house a bit before picking up the kiddo's from school.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tiny Tuesday...

I finished off the yellow in the middle of this one last night! Finally a midget block done before a Tuesday. I am showing this ruffle flower off next to my awesome smelling flowers by my back patio.

This is a shot of the double rainbow after the thunder storm went through last night. It dropped the temp from 92 to 70 very quickly. 

Looks like another hot one today.... must bring lots of water to soccer practice this evening. I'm off to trim up the hunter star blocks for a bit and then I need to go pick up lunch from Wendy's for my lunch with Aidan at school today. Emily had a subway sub yesterday when I went in to have lunch with her. This is the last time that will happen this year as they are out of school in just a few weeks.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Design Wall Monday

This is what I have been working on the last few weeks. It is not sewn together yet but all the blocks are made. They just need to be trimmed down to 8.5 inches. I hope to have this as a top this week so I can quilt it next week, get the binding on and ship it out the beginning of June.

I'm linking up with Judy at Design Wall Monday.