Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No BH mystery for me this year.....

I have way too many things in process! Instead of working through the clues with everyone else in blog land over the next months, I will be working on getting some finishes.
My hope is to work through the following in December.

1.) Finish the last 10 midget appliqué blocks and get the yellow surround on them. I have fallen a little behind on these but would love to have the blocks competed by the end of the year.

2.) Finish the teal trip around the world block and hand sew all 9 blocks together. I decided to hand quilt it as a whole project rather than individual quilt as you go.... which means I need to ......

3.) Finish hand quilting on Hugs and Kisses and get it bound.

4.) Appliqué the 13  dresden plates onto the background and piece into a top.

5.) Finish the alternate blocks for the RSC Sampler quilt, assemble the top and get it quilted and bound by the end of the year.

I may not get them all done, (you know, life does tend to interfere with my quilting!) but at least I'll have made progress on them rather than starting something new. If I do pretty good on the list - my reward will be to finally make my Bittersweet Briar wall hanging that I have had sitting in a kit forever.... well since I saw Kim Diehl speak at my guilt up in Vermont before I moved to Florida. After that one is done- it will be paper piecing my storm at sea kit. That one has been waiting 8 years to get made.
There. I feel better now that I have the plan in my head down on paper. =)

Now to make some cloverleaf rolls and a pumpkin pudding for Thanksgiving. I just have to make the potato and gravy on Thursday as Greg is in charge of the turkey and stuffing this year. He saw an episode on America's Test Kitchen that revisited Turkey with Julia Child. I'll let you know how it came out!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tiny Tuesday is a twinkle star almost finish....

I decided I needed a sewing reward this morning so I pinned, quilted and made a binding and attached it to this little guy. It is 40x40 and has a nice snuggly blue dot flannel on the back. Just needs to have the binding sewn down.... and I'll have a nice finish from my RSC2015 twinkle star blocks.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Design..... pantry?

Well, after a frustrating Saturday when I opened the Christmas boxes on the back porch and found lots of things crawling in lead to some research. Turns out a bag of bird seed went bad and some pantry moths moved in......and since we have the cat door they migrated into the house. We had little moths that we could not figure out what they were or where they came from but they were mostly in the kitchen, in the pantry. Today instead of cleaning the house up for company Thursday I took everything out of the pantry and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and vacuumed up the few little buggers that were left in the crevices where the wall and ceiling meet. Greg hit them with the vacuum the last couple of weeks and they are getting lots fewer but there is a life cycle and I want them gone. Most of the things in the pantry are sealed (love my glass jars and tupperware!) and were safe. A couple of things from Greg's Atkins days got hit and it was time to toss them anyway. Three bags of garbage later and lots of boxes into the recycle bin.

The good news..... I have a clean and reorganized pantry! Hopefully me moving things around in there doesn't drive me too nuts. I already realized I moved the baking things one shelf up.... which the kiddo's can not reach anymore. Might have to swap things so they can reach them again.

Now to add the last few things back in and I'm calling it a day. The rest of the kitchen and house will get cleaned tomorrow. So much for sewing.......

Now to finish prepping the crafts for girl scouts tonight and then I think I'm going to relax for a few minutes before starting dinner - Chicken marsala with rice and whatever veggie the kids select out of the freezer. I'll add a salad and dinner is done.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Slow Down Sunday..... with a touch of rain.

Kathy reminds us each week to slow down, relax and enjoy some slow stitching. I get to work a short day today at the store so I'll be sure to bring some stitching with me just in case..... rain tends to make for slow customer counts. I think the Aqua trip block will come with me and maybe a round or two will be added on today at work.

Tonight - lows in the 40's so I'll be snuggling under Hugs and Kisses and working to turn that third corner of the first border tonight.
Hugs and Kisses - third border almost done!

Emily decided to make a scarf this morning.
Mom - I think I'll finally pick some swiss chard tonight and have some with the calzones for dinner =). I added a scallion from the garden to my salad yesterday. Don't worry, I'll plant another row of chard and beets this week and next month so you can enjoy some in March when you come down =)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

RSC in lime green.... or Aqua?

I'm ignoring the green this month for the challenge this week and am working on aqua - for the 9th and final block of the trip around the world quilt I have been working on this year.

Head on over and see the other links in the RSC Challenge this week. As for me, I am headed out soon with the girl scouts for our 'Light up Ocala' Parade in downtown. Lets hope the rain holds off until after we are done walking the parade route.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I seem to have picked up a head cold this week. To try and get over it I took it easy yesterday and got a bunch of hand quilting in on my hugs and kisses. Almost ready to turn the third corner of the border.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday..... slow stitching

I have not done as much slow stitching on my Hugs and Kisses as I would have liked this week - but I did make some progress. Almost done the second side of the first border.. that corner is coming up!

 I also got to try a new marking tool. My grey fons and porter chalk pencil got to the point of breaking whenever I sharpened it. I know I have a blue somewhere and white and yellow but darned if I could find them when I needed them. Yellow was later found in my take with me bag but would not show up on my background! A trip to Joanns with a coupon on Veterans day and I got this..... It actually works really well. Nice line drawn through the template and has stayed on this week while I was working on the border. I love that it came with lots of white and different colors as well.

I also starting prepping some more appliqué blocks. I just need to pull fabrics later today so I'll have my car line hand work this week. I have 10 to go in this series of blocks. There was a recap of my blocks shown here last week.

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and can't wait for this evening when I can snuggle under my quilt and put some soothing stitches in.