Saturday, August 1, 2015

RSC Saturday... finishing up red.

This is a little de ja vu from last week but I did add 4 more of the flying geese blocks to make 17 total for the stack.
I also managed to finish the last set of blocks into a top this week.... all fixed from the incorrectly sewn on row of yesterday's post.

With Emily - my quilt poser.

My reward was to quickly put the duckie Row by Row together from Fabric, Fabric, Fabric. So darn cute - it measures 36.5x9.5 inches. One down - 7 to go =).

 Linking up Saturday morning with Angela over at the RSC Challenge. I hope to sneak out of work after finishing month end and grabbing my last row in Lady Lake =).

Friday, July 31, 2015


I got to sew a bit yesterday after finally dusting and vacuuming my bedroom. Yes.... I tend to ignore that one but when moving things off the walls so the bug guys could spray I saw how much dust is in there... and poor Greg who is allergic to the cats who pretty much inhabit that room while the kids are awake.... I think he slept a lot better last night =)

I finally pressed the rows and sewed them together. Can you see my last seam as the hurry up to start dinner got put on upside down? I hate sewing rows...... which is why this sat for over a week. I sewed two together and then right into a set of four. There will be a little seam ripping going on today. Dinner last night was a tater tot casserole (added cheese before the tater tots!), which Aidan loved but Em...not so much. She did eat all the tater tots though!

I also took breaks during the day and added a few squares onto the trip block yesterday as well..... and cut the last ones needed this morning. Now to draw the lines and then get them onto the block.

Mom - Aidan earned back the Florida Night sky trip tonight =) Good luck to Dad today... thinking of you both during his tests.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday applique... a glove!

I started this one last night and finished off the heart at the kids dentist appointment this morning.

I also got to start back basting the branch for another little midget applique while waiting for them to finish up. Both kids have sparkling white teeth and no cavities! Emily has two loose teeth on the bottom. She is very excited to finally loose some teeth to get a tooth fairy visit =).

Now to clean the house before the bug guys come to spray the house inside and out tomorrow morning. My reward for cleaning and finishing up the girl scout things I need to do will be a little sewing time on the wedding quilt. I am going to need the sanity sewing today. Someone is being a pill already from the time we got back from the dentist. We were going to head and see Daddy... but that got taken away as did his boy scout star trip on Friday. You would think he would learn..... oh well. Time to clean.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Row by Row Experience!

Three days without a computer...ok, I had my i phone but I just checked a few e-mails and the weather with that. Well, I also used the map app for directions. Directions, you say? Yup - there is a row by row experience going on this summer and after doing some research on it last week (and stopping by my local quilt shop to get their row), there were quite a few quilt shops in the area I was heading to. Yes, I ditched the family (I did make sure the hubby was ok with it) and hit some quilt shops in the Rockledge (Cocoa Beach/Melbourne) area. I found six shops and would you believe in just a couple of hours I hit 5 of them! I also got to meet up with RSC Challenge host Angela and her daughter Anna to hit four of them. So fun!

We started at The Quilt Place in Rockledge where they have a very cute row of sailboats. I just got the free pattern there and I am going to use my hand dyed fabric and batiks to make that row.
We then went to Fabric, Fabric, Fabric five minutes down the road to get  a cute row of duckies! They are pre cut and have the fusible web on them already so I purchased that kit and pattern. Then we went to Quilting Folks Sewing Galary to pick up a very cute row of different blues and tans for water and sand with some applique starfish and octopus on it. They had also added some beads which just made it sparkle. Yup - got that pattern with the fabric and I think I'll put one in the quilt and make a table runner for my table using my fabrics. Five minutes from that one was Quilts and Lace where I just got the pattern. That row is a thermometer and I have some red rick rack from my grandmother that I think I'll use to outline the thermometer. On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at Sew Central - which is a great little quilt shop. Very friendly staff and I picked up a kit of the nautical flags spelling out water. Water is the theme for this year. They are a Viking dealer (I have a Quilt Designer sewing machine) and had the greatest beach bench pillows..... did I think to take a picture? Of course not but great inspiring quilts hanging all around.

There was also time on the beach building sand castles, boogie boarding (Grandma, Aidan and Greg) and jumping waves. Some walks on the beach with the kids crabbing at night and with my friend Shelly and her kids who was down from NY on vacation. Lots of time in the pool and pirate ship kiddie pool as well. 
 Mr Crab on the beach - posing for a photo.

Three more weeks until school starts....not that I am counting down the days or anything!
Time to throw in a batch of laundry and maybe grab something to stitch.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

RSC Saturday...

Well, the wedding couch throw is sewn into rows... just need to iron the rows and sew them together into a top. So handy to have these birds in the air blocks sitting there from a past RSC Challenge. The setting will have it be 60x72 right now and I am seriously thinking of adding a cream 5 inch border around it and then adding a little appliqué vine and a few flowers on two of the corners. Thinking a scrappy binding.... that would bring it up to 70x82 for a little bigger snuggly quilt. 

Unfortunately... I had hoped to make this and hand quilt in a baptist fan pattern.....time will not allow on this one but since I had some blocks left (a bunch of pink!).. I calculated colors and number of blocks needed for a 14x14 layout.
Blocks needed broken down by color and what I have already.
12 'red' to add to the pile.
I made a little progress on the maroon trip around the world block. This will eventually finish at 30x30. I have to pull and prep my squares from the white round out but hope to have this one done by the end of the month. Maybe a completed block will be shown next Saturday?

Linking up with Angela over at the RSC Challenge.

Yesterday we went to Lecanto HS with Grandma to see the Tampa Tiki Drummers. They put on a great performance and the best part - it was free as part of the library summer programs. After that Grandma took us to the Chinese buffet (Emily's favorite!). The kids were really good at the performance and restaurant. Between too many desserts and being excited about a beach trip someone was a pill and pushed ALL my buttons for 4 hours yesterday (3PM-7 when Greg got home to take over). Yup - I actually opened a bottle of wine ( such a wine drinker I am the bottle had been sitting unopened in the fridge for 2 months!).  This boy below was the culprit. He was probably a little annoyed because Ms. Emily was scheduled to have a tent out with Daddy last night but got rained out. Silly me said the living room was big enough to put up Daddy's tent.... so that is where they were. The tired boy is even more tired this morning as he was up way too late trying to get into the tent. He tried it for 30 minutes but could not fall asleep so Dad sent him back to his room around 9:30. Then..... why does the highest fire alarm on the cathedral ceiling always start beeping in the middle of the night? It finally got changed this morning with the 16 foot ladder.... so pretty much no one in the house got any sleep last night. Kids are off to Grandmas for a few hours. I'll be running errands and I think everyone needs a nap this afternoon. (and if I can't nap I'll be shut up in the sewing room pressing those rows and sewing them together!). Lets hope I remember to shut the rotary cutter so I don't cut myself like I did yesterday. A nice Doc McStuffins band aid is on my ring finger on the left hand to make the boo boo all better. Those blades are sharp!

Aidan playing the drums.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tiny Thursday....

The kids were getting some worksheets and coloring pages printed out on Tuesday... so I printed off some more appliqué blocks. I also got to draw the lines on the back of all of them for back basting and picked fabrics and got them cut to the needed sizes while the kids were coloring. They all got bundled up into a ziplock bag - quart size and are sitting by my recliner chair in their little bucket. So easy to just grab one and work on it. Did I mention I love zip lock bags for organizing my 'take with' projects? I have one for the 2 inch trip around the world quilt, one for the colored 2.5 inch trip block, some for the hexies from last year, etc. So handy to just grab a bag and the bag for needles, scissors, thread and head out the door!

Very rainy the last couple of days so I got two blocks done. Four pedal flower and Umbrella. Someone needs to talk me out of making the umbrella bigger and doing that next year for the RSC Challenge please!

I sent the kids out with my phone to snap some pictures of the flowers that finally bloomed. Ignore the messy porch! and the weeds =) 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tiny Tuesday.... Rose of Sharon

I finally just got this 4.5 inch block done! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I started on the outside for the tips of the flowers and worked my way to the inside. The big pink flower in the middle was one piece and then I finally got a fairly yellow circle in the middle!

I picked up the sewing room floor, vacuumed and laid out the blocks yesterday. Now that the Tiny Tuesday block is done, maybe I can sneak in and sew a few blocks together this afternoon.