Sunday, May 1, 2016

Slow stitching Sunday......

Do you ever have an idea pop into your head and you really can't (don't want to) do anything else until you give it a try? No? Just me? Hmmmm.

I keep moving my pile of dresden plates around the sewing area lately. I made them last year with the RSC Challenge -  no background and no middle yet.  As I keep moving them I think 'you really should cut the backgrounds out and appliqué them down already!'. But... I always have something else that needs to get worked on. Well.... it is getting hot down here and I am missing hand quilting. My 90x90 trip quilt is going to wait until fall to get pinned - did I mention it is hot down here now? What about framing each of these 12 inch plates in the color of them and then hand quilting each 16 inch block? Oh, I like that idea! I guess that means I need to pick a middle color for the plates... do I make them all one color, a coordinating one or keep it all in the color shade family per block? So many decisions..... now I remember why I keep moving them around instead of doing something with them.
Until today! Well last night really. This will be my hand quilting project! This block is 16x16.

I also have this 'forever' project - I picked a black for the next round. I just need to mark the backs and then put them in their baggie with scissors, needle and thread and it is ready to take with me in the car for the pick up line this week.

For applique - I finally finished the two corner and one border block I had prepped and drew a few of the next set of blocks onto the back for back basting. Just need to add some green circles to my current one..... middle bottom. That will happen shortly.

Plenty of projects to work on depending on what type of hand work I feel like doing. Today will be a mostly resting day with hand work... my cold moved into my right ear and boy, do I know when the tylenol runs out. Hope you have a restful and relaxing Sunday.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

An afternoon of sewing...

So nice to get an afternoon of peace and quiet with the sewing machine. A mystery with my old guild in Vermont gave the final clue this week. I had the 12 blocks made but finished this little quilt into a top today.

I sewed all the purple butterfly's today and added my last orange pinwheel and sewed them all into rows.

I also got the orange bird in the air blocks completed.....which was photo bombed by Sophie.

Grandma kept Emily too so it is a no kid night. Come back tomorrow....a little more orange got worked  on today too....but that one is for another post.

Last Saturday in Orange....

I did manage to get a little bit of sewing in this week. I have 8 of 9 blocks made for the row along quilt. Not sure how I miscounted when cutting but I should be able to squeeze one more in today.

I added a couple 16 patch blocks to help even out some color options from last year's blocks. I failed on my OMG this month... did not even touch it... maybe I'll try and get these into a colorful Goodnight Irene quilt top in May?

I keep looking at the pile of dresden plates I made last year... I think I will start to appliqué them to the background by the color each month. I hope to cut the background and hand stitch that orange one down tonight. Maybe I'll cut 4 backgrounds and cover the colors we have hit so far this year?

Hopefully I will get some sewing time in today to finish up some orange scraps... lots of birds in the air parts are waiting to be sewn together....and to make my purple butterfly's. I have them cut out... and ready to sew.

First up.... weeding the garden before it gets way too hot! 90 degrees and humid.... I guess summer is here. At least I have my nice quiet air conditioned house to look forward to this afternoon. Greg is taking the kids to Grandma and she is putting him to work trimming in her yard for a little bit. If only I didn't have this lovely sore throat and cough....

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Sunday, April 24, 2016


We survived the first night of Guinea Pig Ownership! We got two new additions to the family yesterday after heading to the Appleton Museum to see Emily's art working hanging in the Youth display.  Her art teacher selected about 12 pieces from the 800+ students in K-5 at her school. Quite an honor! We enjoyed the museum - Aidan was fascinated with the Japanese little figures and Emily loved all the horses, animals and vases. She was intrigued with the Buddha statues... and wondered why none were female!
Emily's drawing

Emily and her drawing at the top left.

The stop at PetSmart with Papa Andy and Grandma H on the way home was interesting. They had the same 3 there as on Thursday. Our store only has male guinea pigs. Emily has the brown and white one she named Flower. Aidan selected the brown and black one and named him Jimmy Jr. We were not sure where he got the name and he finally said it was after his great Uncle Jim who sings songs with his guitar for them and makes youtube video's. He sends the links to their Grandma (his sister) to share with the kids. He made them each a CD for Christmas of his songs. Pretty lucky kids!

With the exception of our girl scout troop bowling for a couple of hours this afternoon it should be a nice relaxing day. The kids will probably be sitting in front of the cage for most of the day =)

Gives me plenty of time for some hand work while they are occupied. I need to prep the next round for the Trip quilt as I finished up the red/orange round on Friday. I'm thinking a black to transition and tone it down a bit.

I also have my 1857 border blocks. One corner is completed and two more are prepped with their back basting and ready to trim and turn for appliqué.

I also started knitting a dish cloth. I was pulling out a few rows last night when my arm started acting weird. A pain where I had a fracture in 7th grade on my right forearm and then it would force itself down. Probably a muscle twitch which has gone away. Hopefully it does not start back up again when I pick that up tonight.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday in orange.

I have lots of parts and pieces cut out in orange but have yet to sew them. I did pop into the sewing room this morning to sew up these three blocks. Hopefully I can get some more sewing in later today.

First up today - We are headed to the Appleton Museum for a reception of young artists. Miss Emily had her artwork selected by her art teacher to display in the museum through Mothers Day. After that...... we might pop to PetSmart and pick up some new additions to the family. The guinea pig cage arrived last night and was put together before the kids went to bed. We had gotten the needed supplies on Thursday after school so it is all ready for 2 guinea pigs.  Pictures of that and them tomorrow!

The kids are scheduled to go to Grandma's this afternoon...although we'll see. They might want to stay with the pigs. Me... I need to get about 3 hours of work in sometime today to make up for lost time this week. Aidan had a widening appliance added to the top and braces to the bottom of his mouth on Tuesday... I had to take him back Wednesday and get one snipped that came off Tuesday evening. He has been pretty miserable this week with all those changes.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday.....

My slow stitching is going to have to wait until this evening. I am scheduled to work at the store today for the last day of a sale. At least it is a 4 hour day for me.... well not including the 1 hour before of paperwork I need to catch up on.
I'll get through the day looking forward to working on one of these projects.

Adding the next round to the Trip Around the World Quilt with my 2 inch blocks.

Prepping and starting the next 1857 block. I got my border fabric and some more purples and greens for the project in the mail from Connecting Threads yesterday. I think I might prep some of the border blocks while drawing my own block to replace the tools block #8. I think I'll do 3 tulips with a yellow butterfly near one. I see lots of yellow butterfly's down here in Florida all the time so want to include one in this block. This is the last block I completed in the 1857 album quilt. 7 blocks completed so far of the 14 that have been released.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

RSC in Orange.

Ok, I had to enhance the stash as my orange was sorely lacking this year. Must have really went to town with them last year =) I hit Joanns on Thursday after bowling... and since FQ's were 75 cents..... yes, that is three quarters each..... I had to pick up a few! Some others jumped into the cart too. At least that allows me to make some orange scraps this year so I'll have a nice variety to play with next year. I was looking on the computer Wednesday and found this pattern - diamond star. Those bottom three yardages are for that and the yellow is for borders on my appliqué quilt top.

Off to a play date at the park with the kids in a few minutes but I hope to cut into those oranges and make some Birds in the Air blocks later today. My cheat sheet is calling for 16 of them...... can't wait to get home and play with fabrics.

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