Thursday, November 16, 2017

On Ringo Lake.....

So, this happened today. I had a little bit of time after bowling so stopped at Joann's Fabrics to see what they had in the coral color for fabrics. I got 1/2 yard cuts of these for a starting point. I'll pull from the stash for the rest of it. They were all 50% off! I also got some insulbright to make some pot holders Mom. It might happen this weekend....we will see.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Running around day....

After logging into work to let them know I was taking the day off, it was time to evaluate what we needed in the house for food. Looking in the pantry - I counted 9 open bags of potato chips! 9! Really? I guess I know what they ate while I was gone......

After hitting the dollar store to get headbands for the girls scouts - parade attire to attach snowflakes to ... somehow..... I went to Aldi's and got my fresh fruit and veggies. Note to self - go early Monday morning 10ish and you get a great selection! Then home to put things away. Off to Publix to pick up deli meat and a few other things. Home to put away..... a quick lunch and then.... 1 hour until the kids were out of school. Hmmmm. I decided to find the sewing room and pulled out some black and grey 2.5 inch strips and cream/white ones to cut some half square triangles for the BITA (birds in the air) blocks. It is the dark month at the RSC Challenge after all.

I need 13 black and 12 brown blocks this month to finish off the last ones needed for this quilt. Hopefully I can find some time this week to actually sew them!

For now.... I suppose the house needs some attention - dusting and vacuuming and sweeping and mopping. Amazing how none of that seems to happen while I am away. I'll deal with the bathrooms tomorrow..... Somehow dinner needs to get made early and then the boy delivered to his last soccer practice this season and Em and I head to girl scouts to see where we are on the banner for the Light up Ocala parade on Saturday.  At least I have things for 3 meals in house... just need to decide what I am having which day! Tonight will probably be baked chicken with asparagus, tomorrow Emily's favorite - Roasted veggie and sausage penne pasta, then Aidan's favorite on Wednesday - corned beef with tons of carrots in the crock pot. Clear out the fridge on Thursday leftover night before the last soccer game and who knows... maybe I'll get my belated birthday dinner at Yamato's on Friday or Saturday night. We will see.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


What a busy week with not a single hand stitch with needle and thread. I did crochet a top to a kitchen towel for my Mom... but that was it!

I forgot my handy dandy neck light while traveling.... so ended up reading books on my kindle (ok, playing games too on there!) instead.

I pulled out my hand work for the flights home...but seem to be missing my little scissors. Hmmmm, I just unpacked (See later in the blog post) and don't remember seeing them. Must go through more things to see if I can find them.... found them! Right next to the hand quilting thread.

Tonight... relaxing will be some hand work. I am not up to doing much so I think I will pull out the little orange peel doll quilt, mark a quilting design on the border and sit and relax with that and a movie until the kids are returned home.

I have my handy dandy floor Ott light right next to my recliner with the flex so I can position it just how I want it.

What will you be relaxing with? Linking up with Kathy's Quilts who reminds us to slow down (I really do need that reminder each week even if I don't do it!).

Feel free to stop reading here if you want.... but here is a low down of my week and the end of my run of smooth traveling. If something happens when people travel in my family - they say they have the Debbie curse! I tended to get bumped and have bags go missing or flights delayed/cancelled all the time. I learned life is so much easier when you ' go with the flow'! It is a good lesson and I still try to remember that... especially on Friday night. Completely out of my hands and you just have to make the best of your situation. Less stress that way!  I had a good 2 years of uneventful traveling.... maybe the next flight will start the smooth travel spell again!

It was a nice relaxing flight up to Vermont (no kids in tow) , a busy but good week working and visiting friends and family while up there (I lived there my first 39 years before moving to Florida 6 years ago). Friday I attended the company's annual meeting in the morning and then headed to the airport with another co-worker who works remotely from California. We had a nice leisurely lunch at The Skinny Pancake past security in the Burlington Airport. I highly recommend the crepe Veggie Monster. It was yummy... and a good thing I had a good lunch! My flight landed in JFK and took off fine... other than having to gate check one of my bags due to a packed flight and people being let on with huge bags that took up the overhead space for those boarding last. I opted to move my kindle and purse into my computer bag and kept that with me and gate checked the roll on. Good move on my part. We were in the air flying to Orlando when the pilot came on about half way through indicating there was an incident at Orlando and we were being diverted to Jacksonville to refuel and wait for corporate to make decisions. Turns out there was a camera battery in a bag that started smoking, the person handed it to TSA and ran when it exploded. Utter panic and chaos ensued - as you would expect. People ran past security which caused the airport to be evacuated  and  be sent through screening again once they figured out what happened and things had calmed down. This happened around 5:30 and My flight was diverted around 8PM... with them still evacuating at that point. With not knowing how long it will take and everything being closed at Jacksonville airport it was decision time. (I was to land at 840 in Orlando - get my bags, truck in long term parking and head home for the 1 hour 15 minute drive).  Do I stay and wait it out.... or rent a vehicle and drive 2 hours and 15 minutes to get home and deal with the baggage later (they were not going to unload anything - again - no one was there to work and they called in 3 workers to at least let us get off the plane and the other ones diverted there, thank goodness). I checked with hubby, and he said get a car and drive. I did - and got home at Midnight. Saturday was busy - kids bowling in the morning, Grandpa A visiting in the early afternoon and then I called to check on my bags and let them know I would pick up Sunday... after 1 hour and 20 minutes on hold but.... they did find the second one! We rescheduled my birthday dinner out with the kids as Emily really wanted to go to a friends birthday party that night - which I had to go to with her as they played and then watched a movie outside with a projector on the house. Today - kids were dropped to Grandma H (45 minute drive) and then Greg and I headed to Orlando (1.5 hour drive) to drop off the rental car, pick up my bags and then get the truck. Good news - the ping in the windshield is still just a ping. It didn't crack like mine did a few weeks ago! I let Greg drive home and we had a very late lunch out at Cracker Barrel - I really wanted their Sunday fried chicken dinner =). Then home to empty the bags and start laundry. Prep for girl scout meeting tomorrow and I am contemplating taking tomorrow off for a day of rest from all the travel issues. We will see.... I might just have to find the sewing machine and relax a bit.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Slow Stitching in Vermont.....

It was a travel day for me yesterday. An early drive to the airport (other than the chip in the windshield - sorry hubby), it was  a beautiful drive in as the sun was coming up with the fog making a wonderful display.

The flights were on time and uneventful - and instead of slow stitching on the flights as I had planned - I decided to read. So relaxing to travel by yourself without having to keep 2 kids entertained! I landed in Vermont and was welcomed by the green mountains... and the hanger of 'The Green Mountain Boys' as we rolled by on the runway. It always feels like home when I see that!  It was a pretty drive to my parents house with some color still in the trees hanging on up in the Burlington area despite the wind storm last weekend. It is stick season in central Vermont.  A nice meal out for my birthday with my parents and sister Joanne last night topped off the day. The kids called twice last night... just because! We will see how their week goes but they are in Daddy's capable hands. Grandma is helping out with pick up from school the first three days and Dad gets the last two.

Today, most of my siblings (all but one who called last night) will be coming over today for a ham dinner and visiting before I head to the hotel tonight for my week of work. This is a business trip after all! I'm looking forward to settling in with some slow stitching on my lemoyne stars....

Inklingo free diamond shape set printing onto fabric - cut and sewing lines.

or maybe I'll actually do some hand quilting on the red dresden plate block.

Only the purple block is done at this point - time to start working on these again.
I did finish off the last edge of the 2 inch trip around the world quilt this past week (finishing at just over 60 inches square) - allowing me to move onto another UFO - the dresden blocks! They have been patiently waiting for their individual hand quilting as a portable project and then will be sewn together into a top with a white sashing.

Linking up with the other slow stitchers over at Kathy's Quilts.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


These were my kiddo's last night before heading out trick or treating. Boy do those bushes need trimming! Not going to happen by me in the next two days... we will see if they are trimmed when I get home on the 10th.  My ninja and greek goddess.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Quiltville Mystery!

Bonnie Hunter has released information on her yearly free mystery quilt that starts on Black Friday. A clue is released each Friday for as long as the mystery lasts. This year's mystery is called 'On Ringo Lake'. I have made a couple in the past but have sat out the last few years. I think it is time to join in the fun again this year.... and I LOVE the colors!

Will you be joining in the mystery this year?

I looked back and I have made 2 of the mysteries.... Easy Street and Celtic Solstice.

Celtic Solstice
Easy Street

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekend Roundup....

Another busy weekend.... of course! Would you expect anything else from me?

Saturday was an early morning start with Emily and 7 other girls from our girl scout troop heading to a Wizzadry event about an hour from us in the forest.  I had 3 girls in my car.... I will enjoy quiet today in my house! The girls got sorted into houses (GIRL - go getter, innovator, risk taker, leader). Then we headed to potions class. The girls got to make a scary bubbly creation that bubbled over the huge glass container. One of my daisy's added the final touch that started the bubbling. Then they made lip balm to take home. Next was herbology - where they put together some mandrakes to grow before learning about different herbs and scents.  Spells was next- the girls picked and decorated their wands and got their acceptance letter with a butterfly surprise inside. It was outside time at the quiddich pitch after that .... with a obstacle/solving race first then a quiddich game. We hit the honeydukes store last for some butter beer and lots of scary named candies that the girls got to eat. A fun time was had by all. My 3 had some playground time....and my daughter didn't like the twirly tire ride. We had a sick girl (mine of course) on the way home but she was better after.  Grandpa A was there when we got home after dropping girls off to parents. A nice visit with him and then.... the boys started putting down the floor in Aidan's room. We did have an issue..... a nice heavy box fell and landed on the boy's big toe. After about 20 minutes of screaming and crying - he has a very bruised big toe.  At least the carpet out of the room is really helping with his allergies.

Some pumpkins got carved and pumpkin seeds got toasted in the evening. Needless to say - I was in bed early after watching a Harry Potter movie.

Sunday - it is going to be an interesting week with Aidan and his toe - with putting on socks and shoes. He seems to be walking fine and can move it - just a good bruise. They are off to Grandma's house today. They are headed to the cooter festival in Inverness today to see the turtles race. That leaves me a couple of hours to clean up the house a bit before everyone returns. A quick lunch date with hubby at Chili's (with a margarita with my fajita so no driving  errands for me today!) I'm headed to the sewing room shortly - the sewing machine doesn't count as heavy machinery..... right?  (which now has all Aidan's things from his room in there - I just had it all cleared out! ). I hope to get the spring blooms quilt into a top stage by the end of the day. I went with white..... I cut out the blue and just didn't like it. I'm thinking a bright green binding from the leaves in the bloom blocks eventually.... or maybe the light blue. I guess I will see what works when I get to that stage. Sharing this one with the RSC Challenge. The free pattern can be found here. Thank goodness I still have 2 days to make some pink bow tie blocks!

Some more Inklingo shapes will get printed. I had NO luck last Sunday. Lots of paper jams until I figured it out on Tuesday. Note to self - leave a 1/4 inch of just freezer paper on the top and right side of the paper going into the printer so it pulls through ok. After I did that - no printing issues! I need to prep a bunch for my trip next week so I have some hand work for the plane ride and evenings in the hotel.

I also hope to slow down a bit and finish the last row of the purple setting triangles on the trip quilt.  I do like how this one turned out. It will have to wait a bit for it's hand quilting.

Linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching.