Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slow stitching some Hugs and Kisses.

The Hugs and Kisses quilt came out to play at the end of this week. A couple more blocks were quilted and I plan to enjoy quilting another block this evening after work. I have 23 of 49 blocks quilted in the middle. Almost half way there on that part!
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last Saturday in Pink....

I had to do some sewing this week so I set up my table and machine with the cutting mat and made some birds in the air blocks in pink. These 12 will join the others I made a few years ago with this challenge.

I think this might end up in a 10x14 setting for a 60x 84 size throw quilt. That leaves me some extra blocks..... so I think I'll continue making them 12 a month this year with the challenge so I can have a quilt of these! These blocks will be made into a quilt for a wedding gift in September for my nephew Ben and his finance Becca.

I can't forget my scrappy strip in pink. I did see the neatest thing last week - a crayon top added to a colored strip. Hmmmm maybe I'll have a box of crayons at the end of the year =). Plenty of time to sew this afternoon to get that strip made with my scraps.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A little progress....

Ok Joanne, I didn't listen and I am paying now! I twisted wrong right off yesterday morning reaching down to put some fabric up and felt my back. Continued on all morning and made friends with the heating pad in the afternoon. Felt better this morning so I moved the bookcase. In hindsight - not the smartest thing I should have done. Oh well, I'll wait for Greg to get home tonight and move the rest of the big things around for me. I really felt my back getting into the car to head into work for a couple of hours this morning..... I'll find the heating pad again this afternoon and take it easy again. I really want to get my room all set but I'll be smarter and wait this time. The bottom shelf of fabric is going to move up 3 slats and that big white shelf will replace where that was to hold my computer and little baskets of things. I am making progress and I'm very happy with this slat wall. Think I can get him to put two more up on the right wall? Hehehehe.

I got home from work and sat on the couch to eat lunch and find out some info from one friend to help out another concerning speech for a 2 year old.  I looked up and the Sophie (white one) was beside me wanting petting and then I saw a black tail and realized Maxie was asleep above my shoulder on the couch! My two trusty companions.

Yikes 1:50 must go get the kiddo's.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Progress..... on the sewing area

No tiny Tuesday again this week. But...... I have slat walls up and my shelves arrived last evening. I go to put them up but then had to take the kids to scouts.

 I know what I am doing today....filling them up and maybe getting one more set of boards for the bottom left side after I have lunch with Emily. Those will all be fabric. The top will be my lighthouses and the second row will be storage. Still working it out but the wall is very flexible. I have hooks to put in to hang all my rulers and templates as well. Yesterday morning I went though boxes and condensed a bit and found a bunch of things! Now to find a new home for all this mess! (Before I started yesterday and some things landed in the kids playroom)

Hopefully there will be an after picture tomorrow! The couch is being moved out eventually but it needs to get uncovered first! See... I have lots of 'stuff'!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday

Today will be a long day of settling into new rooms. That includes settling into my new sewing area! We need to do some moving of things in the shed to get to the slat boards that will be put up on my back wall. That should make shelving and hooks easy to put up and rearrange as I want.

I finished the last step of my crochet along last night.

I also added the last set of squares to my trip around the world block in pink.

That leaves me with  some hand appliqué  - back basting  - on my Midget blocks this evening. Nice and relaxing after a long day.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Saturday in Pink

I didn't have any pink to show last week but I have oodles this week!
I had to sew on Wednesday so I set up a temporary sewing area until I can get into my new sewing space next week.

I made my two Sampler blocks. Don't look too closely on the points on Marley - it got picked out once and then I figured it would not show too much in the finished quilt!

I also got my pink Dresden plate done this week. I hope to find the template I made when I put my room back together. I did find the paper I had cut it out of and used that to draw my line on top of a few of them to cut them all out.

My hand work project has been making some progress. I got the rest cut out on Wednesday and the lines drawn at bowling on Thursday. A few people come up each week to see what I am doing and to ohhh and awe over this block I am making. It also got worked on in the car line and at soccer practice last night in the low 40 temps. I was the Mom in the car to keep warm while my kiddo's were bundled in sweaters, winter coats, hats and mittens. The coach asked if I had another hat in the car for him! Hard to believe in a month or two I'll be wishing for cool temps as it will be in the mid 90's and 90+ percent humidity.

Time to cut cat nails and then grab a shower. This is Sophie with her 'you think you are going to cut my nails' look.

Hopefully it warms up from the 21 degrees with a hard frost here in Florida so I can grab a walk before I go and drop off some girl scout cookies to the kids PreK teacher and see her baby boy who was born a couple of weeks ago. He was not due until March but Mom was having some high blood pressure issues so they delivered him. He and Mom and doing great.

Busy afternoon as Emily is selling cookies from 4-6 today with her troop leader so I'll take Aidan back in front of Publix and see if we can sell the last 9 Boy Scout camp cards. Tomorrow is a working  day for me but head on over Saturday morning and see what other great projects are being worked on for the RSC Challenge in pink.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Temporary sewing room....

I decided it wouldn't be too difficult to get my big table set up in the 'spare' room yesterday. Well, it was a little tricky but I got it in there and a nice little area set up.

I worked on a bunch of pinks that I'll show tomorrow when I finish the dresden plate... but my leader and ender is adding a sashing to one side of my Civil War blocks from last year. I had cut a bunch of 6.5 x 2 inch strips for a different sashing and then decided it was too light for that quilt. I am making it work for this one just to use them up and get that one finished. I'm thinking a solid blue cornerstone will be added to one other side and then they should go together nicely into a top.

I also got 16 of my crochet blocks done yesterday. I just need to weave in ends and finish those four stragglers that popped up after I was putting them into a pile last night.

It was a little breezy yesterday before bringing in the cooler weather so it was a perfect afternoon for flying a kite. The bug guys are  coming today for the annual spray inside the house so I'll wait until after before I steam clean the carpets in Emily's old room. That should give it a day to dry before Greg moves his office in there on Saturday.