Monday, April 15, 2024

String of Beads

I did a little stitching in bits and pieces this past weekend. I finally got the 4 green peels added to this Red String of Beads block. I also found some yellow in the scrap bin and cut 4 of them for the yellow block. I still need to prep that one for stitching by drawing the peels onto the background for placement but that should happen after work today.

The boy is up at his competition and is competing today. It is a first time for him as a Sophomore, so we will see how he does. His teammate has not been a lot of help, so he has managed to go it alone or get help from his buddies instead. The girl is late at school today with symphonic band practice for their Spring recital the end of the month. I think she enjoyed sleeping in an extra 40 minutes this morning instead of getting to school an hour early for her brothers class.



Julierose said...

Nice work on this pretty block, Deb;))) These will be really lovely all together...hugs, Julierose

a good yarn said...

String of beads is coming along nicely.