Saturday, May 10, 2014

A whole day to sew.....

Well, first some driving to drop kids to Grandma this morning. Aidan was acting like his fever broke this morning and then I took his temp just to check. Nope - still a couple degrees high but once the meds kick in he is back to his normal self for a couple of hours. I'll drive them both and hopefully he will want to stay at Grandma's house for the day.  On the way home I really need to hit a store and get some groceries.... since I needed to go Wednesday and have not been able to go with a sick boy in the house.  Good thing the pantry and freezer are well stocked! After that - it is an afternoon of sewing on tap for me! I'll finish sewing up these churn dash blocks and then pin the Kaleidoscope quilt and hopefully get a good start on the straight line quilting with a walking foot. I still need to make a binding for it and a pillowcase to go with it.

Here is the green goodness I have been able to do so far this month. I sewed up these hexagon flowers last night while watching some tv with the hubby. The churn dashes were sewn here and there this week around a sick boy in the house which required lots of snuggling. Just need to sew the parts together.

I also have been knitting a bit over the last month and have a few dish cloths completed - one extremely scrappy one with all the leftover ends from others.

Yesterday was the Mommy Tea at Em's school. We had a wonderful time and Emily loved to wear her party dress. A big thanks to Grandma for coming over to stay with the sick boy while I went Emily's school.

Head on over to SoScrappy and check out the other green projects that are being worked on this month.


  1. Love those churn dashes ... I may have already said that block is on my to-make list! And love those sweet little hexie flowers. Yay for a day spent sewing! Can't wait to see what you accomplish today.

  2. Poor Aidan! Hope the fever is gone soon. Glad you found a few minutes of time to sew. Even a little bit of time adds up eventually.

  3. Love the churn dash blocks. Enjoy your time alone today. That time is important to recharge your batteries.

  4. Lucky you getting a free day - gotta love grandmas. Impressive that you got those churn dashes done with a little sickie in the house. Enjoy your afternoon.

  5. Poor boy! and cute smiley girl!

    Despite all that you have accomplished a lot fun things with your green scraps.

  6. Very nice! Love the church dashes.

  7. Sweet blocks. Great dishcloths.
    Beautiful little princess. Hope little man is well soon.

  8. Mommy Tea looks like it was Too Much Fun!


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