Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday - another sick boy day....

Well, I made some progress while the sick boy was doing homework this morning and then watching some movies. The Kaleidoscope quilt is a top and is rolled onto the boards for pinning. 62x84 for the size.
Kaleidoscope Quilt - VTQuilter

The back was an issue..... I could not go out as the boy started his antibiotics this morning at 6:30 AM (trip to quick care last night when the fever got high and he was chilled and put himself to bed around 6:30 - that's when you really know they are sick!) I found 5 yards of a blueish grey flower print that I was planning to use for the sashing of my midget blocks and a border. It will now be the backing for the graduation quilt. That is pieced, pressed and onto it's board. I hope to cut the batting off the roll in the next hour or two and pin it later tonight. Grandma is coming around 6:30 to pick up the girl to bring her to the soccer game tonight for 7PM.  Depending on when Greg gets home (sometime after 7 usually) one of us might go over to see the tail end of the soccer game.
Tomorrow the boy will be home again - The nurse wrote the note for him to go back on Monday in case his fever has not broken by Friday morning. I gave it to the school already when I stopped to pick up the Mothers Day Cake he was to decorate on Wednesday. They must have done it for him =).

I convinced the kids to play with the trains in the other room for a bit and this is the track layout they came up with. They had trains lined up all the way to the bridge on the left hand side..... we seem to have a lot of trains! It kept them busy and out of trouble for a couple of hours. We are trying the new Amazon Prime streaming to the tv - I've put on the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for them to watch. We'll see if they like it or not. They tend not to have that long of an attention span for tv.
Time for me to defrost some burgers to put on the foreman grill, make a salad and a veggie while they are entertained. Yes Mom... Aidan will probably have some Raman Noodles =) Something soothing for that sore throat of his - he has been having lots of lolly pops that Grandma R left down here in the pantry.

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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Aiden is still sick ... hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick and he'll be as good as new soon!