Thursday, May 29, 2014

A tisket, a tasket a cute little basket....

It is the end of the school year and I finally remembered a post my friend Cyn had done a while ago. It was the cutest little basket. Here is the direct link to the free instructions.

I made a test one out of 10 inch squares in blue and yellow and also a 12 inch square to make one for Em's teacher. I used the monkey fabric that I had used as a backing for her daughters baby quilt last year. Note to self - leave the turning opening in the middle and not on an edge! Good thing I tested that out with the 10 inch one...which will sit by my recliner and hold my hand quilting thread and scissors. I just need to get some buttons to finish them off. I also am not going to bother tacking down the insides of mine.... they might come in handy to separate things like hexagons and hold the scissors in one place.

Aidan is to find out his teachers favorite colors today so I can make her one for next week. I will tuck in a little gift card that they can use as they see fit - classroom supplies or something for themselves.


  1. What a cute little gift idea! I've bookmarked the instructions.

  2. What a cute little box! Love your fabrics and blocks in your last post. Can't believe it is almost JUNE!

  3. those are so cute! :)