Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tiny Tuesday - Sweet Pleasure

I snuck into the sewing room and got this little block sewn up while the kids were watching a show after school.  I went with an easy one - Sweet Pleasure

A shot of all the blocks so far from The Civil War Love Letter. I really plan to get back to posting one each Tuesday with a little catch up planned for the first couple of weeks of June.

Last Thursday was the last soccer game of the season. Both kids got a trophy and a picture with their coaches - Coach Chris and Coach Pam. The kids have learned a lot in a few short months the last two seasons. 

We finished the last set of lessons for Emily's Hippy Lessons this morning and met with Ms. Stacie to do the final test. She got everything except the rhyming words correct. Something for us to work on this summer along with her speech. Both will go to the HIPPY graduation on June 13th since Aidan finished his last fall.

This afternoon we made some cupcakes that we will frost later this evening. The best part of course is licking the bowl! Some of these will be brought in to Emily's last speech session at Saddlewood. They will have a little party tomorrow to celebrate the end of the year. She has done well with Ms. Currin and hopefully will have great results with a couple of sessions a week next year during Kindergarten. She is smart as a whip but understanding her is still a little difficult.
The kids are getting some energy out in the pool while I supervise from the back patio. Time to think about dinner - a selection of leftovers to clear out the fridge a bit I think. No work for me other than to heat up things in the microwave. The best type of dinners on a hot afternoon! I know both kids will have the brats and pasta salad.... unless they are reminded of the chinese leftovers Grandma H left with us on Sunday. I'm planning to have leftover t-bone steak from Saturday night over some spring greens and fresh tomato's that taste like a tomato should. Yummy. I'll just sit back for now and enjoy the marvelous smell of the magnolias in bloom right by the screen room. Pure Heaven.


scraphappy said...

Such pretty, patriotic colors for your quilt. Happy tiny Tuesday! Summer is just around the corner. Sounds like things are really wrapping up for you.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love those little blocks ... I'm a sucker for the little ones, and yours are especially adorable.

Ellen said...

Your blocks look great! Enjoy those precious everyday moments with the kids...I think they are the most important moments.

Kristie said...

Your little ones look as if they are having great fun! :) Love those blocks! I've made that quilt...well....I have all 121 blocks pieced and sewn together. I've had the border fabric bought for years and still haven't sewn them on. I really need to get to that. LOL!