Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap up....

I finally get to post this weekend! I got to work both days this weekend and what a busy one it was. It was a good thing I got some sewing in during the week because I have done nothing sewing related at all yet this weekend. I plan to do some slow stitching as soon as the kids are in bed tonight though. I need some me time. Tomorrow is a vacation day for us all and we plan to spend a lot of the day in the pool.

For the RSC Challenge I have been working with my greens. I just have not done any of the sampler blocks yet.... good thing I have all week to get those done.

Churn dashes - 12 green done for the month and one 16 patch block of 2.5 inch squares.

20 - crossroads blocks at 12 inches each..... done. I think I need 4 more to make this a 4x6 setting. 48x60 just does not seem big enough to snuggle under. I may just sew them together and then decide if I need 4 more or not.

 This will be a nice throw size to replace the green Jacobs Ladder quilt that will find a new home with one of the teachers at Capstone. I think Ms. Miriam will love it since I did not get this one done in time. She did mention she loves green when I asked her favorite color a couple of weeks ago.

It is almost time to put the kids to bed. Em is still feverish. She got three shots on Friday and I think it is just a reaction to that. She stayed over with Grandma last night and was a little off upon her return today. I beeped her at 100.2 when I got home from work - a nice sleep in tomorrow for everyone should help. As for me.... I can't wait to put some slow stitches into my little T quilt this evening.

I'm linking up with Angela at SoScrappy for the RSC Challenge and Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday. Head on over to both link parties for some wonderful inspiration.


  1. Wow - you are really going to town with the Crossroads blocks - looking good!

  2. Great progress on the greens. Enjoy the sampler blocks tomorrow. Lots to choose from this month. Enjoy your holiday weekend

  3. Busy weekend. Great looking green blocks. Such nice variety. Enjoy making the samplers tomorrow. Hope your little one is feeling better tomorrow.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing evening!

  5. My goodness. You have been busy! Everything is looking GOOD.

  6. I love your churn dash blocks! what are you planning on doing with them.

  7. Me time is way underrated, IMHO. You have been busy, even if you didn't get much sewing time over the weekend. Sure hope that Emily's fever is down to normal and that you have a great day in the pool.