Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A long week.....

Both kids went to school today - finally! Aidan must have a virus on top of whatever last week because today was the first time his fever was down in the morning and he has been on an antibiotic since last Thursday! I sent him to school Monday but he had a 102 temp by the time I picked him up after school. I did bring them to their eye doctor appointment and everyone's eyesight is fine. Em is a little farsighted but not enough to wear glasses at this point.

After a nice walk in the neighborhood this morning and then my second coffee and some toast with home made strawberry jam on the back patio while reading the paper, I decided to sew a little bit. I had made some 2.5 inch strips of some greens and pulled out some creams from the scrap bin and came up with these two 12 inch blocks.

They are called Crossroads and are a free tutorial over at I think I will make a good size throw with my scraps.

After that it was a quick trip to the garbage and recycle, a stop at the local farm stand to see Jennifer and stock up on some local fruits  (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry!) and veggies. Then I went and picked up the girl from school. 3 hours is just not enough time!

Off to bring her to speech - only four more sessions this school year. The end of school is very quickly approaching. Em is done on the 29th with a graduation on the 30th from PreK. Aidan has a bridging ceremony from Kindergarten to First grade on the 29th and has half days the last three days of school June 2,3,4. Then - they are all mine all summer long! So far I have signed them up for swim lessons the first two weeks off school. I think I'd like to get each of them into something else for one week of the summer as a treat.


Moneik said...

Is that a treat for them or for you?? Hope you have a great summer. Wishing we'd at least get temps warm enough to call it spring.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

You're so busy ... I don't know how you ever get any quilting done.

Ray and Jeanne said...

So glad the boy is feeling better. I hate kids being sick. I'm off to find the crossroads pattern. Thanks! ~Jeanne

Ellen said...

Glad to hear that Aidan is feeling better.

My kids always enjoyed spending some time at day camp for part of the summer break. Your summer break starts early!