Thursday, May 1, 2014

Springtime fun - Triangle Quilt Along

I'm calling this complete (I'll hand stitch the binding down tonight and tomorrow night).!

It was a productive morning. After dropping the kids to school, grabbing a quick breakfast of corn flakes with fresh blueberries and my second cup of coffee it was off to the sewing room. I finished piecing the backing and then laid it all out for pinning. After a search for the thread I wanted to use......I decided on a pink variegated that was on the thread holder. I have no clue where the multi colored pink, green and blue thread is... but I'm sure it will turn up now that I am done with the quilting! I really wanted to do some free motion loops on this..... but I had some thread break issues. After the second try (I was not very patient this morning as I had from 8:30-10:45 to get this done), I swapped to the walking foot and did 1/4 inch from the seams along one side. I was thinking of going back the other way but I think I like it like this.... and it was 10:20. Binding..... hmmm. I had made some of white for a quilt last year and then changed my mind. I still had that rolled up in the drawer so out it came. The binding got sewn to the front and I was done at 10:44. A quick pb&j sandwich made, waters and some snacks packed for the play date at the park and I was off to pick up Emily from school. Technically it is not done but it will be by tomorrow night. Or course, Ms. Emily needed to pose with the quilt.

Edited: This is a shot of the quilt with the binding all done. It now lives on the back of the couch and the cats use it as their favorite sleeping spot.... especially when someone is using it!

Thanks so much to The Sassy Quilter for hosting this and getting me to try the equilateral triangles in a quilt. I know I'll be making another one at some point.

We have been getting rain storms in the afternoon (typical Florida pattern) and this is a shot of the rain yesterday. We had a moat down by the road with the water collecting. No worries - all the sand and it was all soaked up a few hours later. Soccer practice was cancelled Tuesday night due to thunderstorms. I wonder if we will have a game tonight or not? Time will tell.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a delightful finish! I love it ... such pretty, springlike fabrics!

Sheri said...

Fun cheerful quilt! And your neighborhood is very elegant!

scraphappy said...

Your triangle quilt is super happy! We've been having afternoon showers too. Looks like a rainy day all day today though, such a nice reason to stay in and sew!

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

This is so bright and fun! I love it. Your daughter looks so happy sitting there...great pic. Thanks so much for quilting along with me:)

Catherine said...

It looks great and your daughter looks so happy on it too. I will get my remaining triangles out tomorrow and try to finish piecing.

VickiLorraine said...

Love your quilt. It brings a bit of Summer into my wintry Australian life today.