Saturday, May 31, 2014

RSC Sampler blocks - in Green.

I got a chance to sew today and managed to catch up on a bunch of the RSC sampler blocks in green. I think the block in the top left hand corner is my favorite, followed by the one below it. Truly scrappy and fun. I am ready to move onto the next color of yellow with these sampler blocks.
I also sewed all my crossroads blocks into a top today. It measures 48x60 and I think that will be the size of this top. Now to figure out a backing for this so it can get some free motion quilting sometime this week I hope. Emily is done school now and Aidan has three half day's left. I hope to sneak in a little sewing if I can.
In between the above sewing I have been playing with a bag of scraps from a quilt I made Greg 6 years ago. Quite a few blocks have been made that finish at 4.5 inches and a handful at 3 inches. I am not sure what these will become but I have a feeling they will come out to play again if we get a month of neutrals or browns sometime this year.

It has been very busy at my house this week. Emily is now an official Kindergarten girl. She graduated last night from VPK. This is while they were singing one of the songs.

Aidan had his bridging ceremony to celebrate the completion of Kindergarten and his entry into 1st grade on Thursday night. 
I'll need to get a good picture of her in her cap and gown as I did not get one last night. I did get this shot of both of them before we left for the ceremony last night. Notice those beautiful fingers and toes - Daddy was painting them for her yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. I love walking into the house and seeing him do things like that with the kids. I have a few more hours until I have to pick them up from Grandma's house. Since some thunderstorms are moving in I think it is time for some hand quilting while watching a movie in the nice quiet house. 

I'm linking up to Angela over at SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap challenge. Head on over and check out the pretty green projects everyone is working on before we move onto yellow tomorrow.


  1. The top left block is my favorite too! Sounds like a fun week, leading up to a busy summer.

  2. Congrats on the graduates! Your blocks look lovely as well.

  3. Those childhood milestones are so important. Great that you had time to get caught up. Some great projects completed during such a busy month.

  4. Great progress on the greens this month. You whipped up lots of sampler blocks while still having time to make an entire crossroads quilt. There will be a month for browns and blacks. Never fear, can't leave out the darker shades.

  5. Not sure which of those sampler blocks is my favorite ... I love them all! Hope you got some stitching done in the quiet house. By the time the littles left here, I took a walk around the neighborhood and called it a day. I'll have to finish trimming those triangle blocks on Monday. ;-)

  6. Lots of pretty green blocks. I love the crossroads quilt.

  7. Great looking sampler blocks, and I love your Crossroads top.

  8. The Crossroads blocks came out great - looks like they will make a nice snuggle quilt!

  9. Crossroads turned out great.
    Your children are so sweet. They are growing up fast.


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